Peterborough deserves better

Theresa May's reasons for calling a snap general election are full of contradictions: she says she faced opposition from a Parliament that has approved every Brexit measure she wanted. She says that a country which remains bitterly divided is coming together, says Dr. Christian DeFeo, Head of Campaign Communications for the Peterborough Labour Party.

Monday, 1st May 2017, 10:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:50 pm
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She says that she wants a country that works for everyone, yet her policies are hurting the many.

Peterborough and the country deserve better.

The Labour Party didn’t call for this election, but we welcome this opportunity for a change in direction. Very shortly, we will pick our Parliamentary candidate who will articulate ideas and policies to help all the people of Peterborough.

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Change is vital. Last year, I stood for a council seat. During the campaign, I spoke to many individuals on the doorstep from a variety of backgrounds, incomes, and ages.

If there was one theme that united them, it was the sense that things should be better than what they are. On one occasion, I knocked on the door of a gentleman who couldn’t speak to me at length because he was on the phone. He quickly explained that his wife had just been taken away in an ambulance because she’d suffered a seizure: her electric wheelchair was abandoned on the front step. He wasn’t calling a doctor. Rather, he was on the phone to the benefits office as she had an appointment scheduled for that day and if she didnt turn up, she’d be sanctioned. I could hear the banal hold music emanating from the phone’s speaker.

Change is possible. We can make choices that will alter the direction of travel and do better than this. Our parliamentary candidate will be a high calibre individual who can begin the process of change and will march in lockstep with the people of Peterborough rather than the dogmas of the Conservative Party.

Change is necessary. We can and should elect an MP who will work hard to protect people’s jobs, by demanding any Brexit deal protects rather than threatens employment and job security.

We can and should choose an MP who cares about our hospitals, doctors and nurses, rather than is content with them being burdened by government policies that simply don’t work.

We can and should elect an MP who will strive to protect our children’s education, rather than allow our schools to be experiments in elitism.

We can and should choose an MP who will fight for our pensions, beginning with an unequivocal commitment to the Triple Lock.

We can and should select an MP who will combat this government’s egregious waste: the national debt is approaching £2 trillion, which will be paid by our children and grandchildren as well as ourselves.

A wasteful Brexit’s costs, including the final settlement with the European Union and the costs of new departments, will only add to the bill.

In short, Peterborough deserves better. Our city and our country can do better.

On June 8th , vote Labour.