New theatre to replace the Key; ‘ask the leader’ on Zoom; a ‘what’s on’ Peterborough website - Peterborough Conservative leader’s future plans

A new theatre to host live performances is among the future plans for the man set to become leader of Peterborough City Council.

By Joel Lamy
Sunday, 23rd May 2021, 5:00 am

Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald believes it would benefit the city to bring in a venue mirroring the Curve in Leicester where “people can watch West End shows and sit in comfort”.

The new theatre would, ultimately, replace the Key and help attract people to Peterborough as part of a long-term strategy to boost culture and tourism in the city.

Peterborough currently has three main theatres, including New Theatre (previously the Broadway) and The Cresset, with the former already hosting a number of live high-profile productions.

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The Key Theatre

Speaking to the Peterborough Telegraph, the new Conservative group leader, who is expected to be voted in as council chief next week, said: “I want more people to visit the city and to have more reason to. I’d like to see a 2,000 seater venue like the Curve in Leicester where we can put on indoor and theatre performances.

“I love the Broadway and am supportive of it but it has restrictions for live theatre.

“The Key Theatre was great when it was built, but is it fit for purpose today? I’m not sure it is. I’m looking to replace that with a modern culture facility where people can watch West End shows and sit in comfort. Those are opportunities for the future.”

The new Conservative leader also wants to introduce a new monthly Zoom meeting with local residents to answer their questions, and he hopes to see a ‘user-friendly’ microsite created to promote what is happening in Peterborough, possibly alongside adverts.

“I hope to introduce a new feature called ‘ask the leader.’ This would be monthly Zoom meetings with local people who want to ask questions or need help from the top,” Cllr Fitzgerald added.

“It would not be a place for political activists but genuine, ordinary people who want to ask question of me or the team.

“They would be held on Zoom, be publicly available, and people could ask for help and the relevant cabinet member and officer would be there to assist. I want to involve the people so they have access to people like the leader if they have genuine questions or need help with something.

“I want to get it up and running soon.

“I also want a Your Peterborough resource to highlight what’s going on in the city - with the council and arts and culture. We no longer have a magazine so people need to know what’s going on. We’ve already got the resource.

“One criticism I would make is we are corporate and our website reflects that. I’m talking about a more user friendly, tabloid version which could even take advertising. I don’t want it to cost taxpayers’ money.

“It could have what’s on, fostering, community campaigns - it would be readable and capture people’s imaginations. It could link to our culture and tourism offering.

“Our current website is corporate and outdated.

“I’ve approached officers to look at getting both ideas going.”