Explained: How to claim £150 Council Tax energy rebate and when you will receive it in Peterborough

For some money will be received this month – but for others, it might not arrive until the autumn

By Stephen Briggs
Thursday, 5th May 2022, 2:16 pm
Updated Thursday, 5th May 2022, 4:25 pm

More than two months after chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a £150 Council Tax rebate to help households facing rising energy bills, some residents will start to see the money appearing in the next few weeks.

Mr Sunak revealed the rebate for most residents living in properties in council tax bands A to D in the Commons on February 3.

The rebate will not need to be repaid.

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The money is designed to help people cope with rising energy prices

If you pay by direct debit

If you pay council tax by direct debit, the money will be paid direct debit, you will receive the money directly into your account.

A Peterborough City Council spokesperson said: “If you are eligible and currently paying council tax by Direct Debit, you can expect payment into your bank account from the end of May 2022.”

If you do not pay by direct debit

If you do not pay by direct debit, you will have to claim the money by filling in an online form. The form is not available yet.

The council spokesperson said: “If you believe you are eligible but you're not paying by Direct Debit, we require you to apply online for the rebate. We expect to make the online form available at the end of May 2022. Please https://www.peterborough.gov.uk/council/council-tax/council-tax-energy-rebate for updates.

"If your application is successful, you will receive payment sometime between June and September 2022.”

Scam warning

The city council warned residents about scammers trying to use the scheme to their advantage.

They said; “Please note that we will not contact you by phone or email asking for your bank details to make the energy rebate payment to you.

“We are launching a dedicated online form on our website at the end of May where you can make your claim for the scheme.”

Council tax properties in band E-H

Special arrangements are being made for residents living in properties in bands E-H.

The spokesperson said: “There is a discretionary scheme in place for those households in band E to H who are considered vulnerable and / or experiencing hardship. The application process is the same as above.

“We will make our Discretionary Policy available before end of May 2022.”