Tribute to Capt Sir Tom, disabled parking bays and slavery - some of the motions voted on by Peterborough City Council

Motions voted on by councilors at this week’s Full Council meeting included creating a memorial to Capt Sir Tom Moore,the provision of disabled parking bays and policies on modern slavery.

Friday, 5th March 2021, 2:16 pm
Peterborough Town Hall

The motions from councillors voted on at this week’s Full Council (March 3) included:

Motion from Cllr John Howard:
The council resolves: to refer consideration of what can be done to acknowledge the legacy of Captain Sir Tom Moore to the Honours Panel, to ensure his name and achievements will never be forgotten in our City, as well as to commemorate his efforts and to mark his loss. This may include renaming a room or hall of significance within the Council domain, one of the Council meeting rooms, or a hall in our new University after Captain Sir Tom Moore.
This motion was AGREED (Unanimous).

Motion from Cllr Andy Coles:
Council asks: The Cabinet Member, in consultation with Planning and Environmental Protection Committee, to consider identifying specific locations across the city where the concentration of HMOs is having a significant and disruptive impact on the local residential community. Also developing an Article 4 direction to apply to all future HMO developments in these specified areas so that the council can require a full planning application to be made which will require owners to apply a limited parking ratio to their properties.
This motion was AGREED (Unanimous).

Motion from Cllr Ansar Ali (As amended by Cllr Irene Walsh):
Council therefore resolves to: Request the statutory authorities that serve on the Peterborough Community Safety Partnership (known as the Safer Peterborough Partnership) formally agree to work 142 together, as a system, to be especially vigilant to, and form a collective response to, commentary on social media and in other channels relating to hatred and extremism.
Request that the Adults and Communities Scrutiny Committee, in its formal capacity as the statutory Crime and Disorder Scrutiny Committee, receives a regular report setting out the detail of the ways in which:
- The Safer Peterborough Partnership is responding to hatred and extremism, and
- This council is leading its responsibilities in regard to the Prevent duties, as well as hate incidents and targeted community cohesion activity more generally.
Write to the Government, through our MPs, demanding a review of the Prevent strategy to ensure it has the confidence of all our communities locally and nationally and addresses the rise of Domestic Right-Wing Extremism.
Agree that as Members we should commit ourselves to ensuring none of us use language that may give rise to hate and prejudice towards a section of our diverse community.
This motion was AGREED (As Amended) (Unanimous)

Motion from Cllr Ed Murphy:
Council resolves to:

- Train its corporate procurement team to understand modern slavery through the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply’s (CIPS) online course on Ethical Procurement and Supply

- Require, where possible, its contractors to comply fully with the Modern Slavery Act 2015, wherever it applies, with contract termination as a potential sanction for non-complianc

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- Challenge any abnormally low-cost tenders to ensure they do not rely upon the potential contractor practising modern slavery

- Highlight to its suppliers that contracted workers are free to join a trade union and are not to be treated unfairly for belonging to one

- Publicise its whistle-blowing system for staff to blow the whistle on any suspected examples of modern slavery

- Where possible, require its tendered contractors to adopt a whistle-blowing policy which enables their staff to blow the whistle on any suspected examples of modern slavery

- Review its contractual spending regularly to identify any potential issues with modern slavery

- Highlight for its suppliers, by complying with modern slavery legislation, any risks identified concerning modern slavery and refer them to the relevant agencies to be addressed

- Refer for investigation via the National Crime Agency’s national referral mechanism any of its contractors identified as a cause for concern regarding modern slavery

- Ensure that it continues to comply Modern Slavery legislation in the UK, as this is updated and evolving. This shall include the furnishing of a detailed annual Modern Slavery Statement, and report publicly on the implementation of this policy annually.”
This motion was AGREED (Unanimous)

Motion from Cllr John Fox (As amended by Cllr Murphy):

Council resolves to: refer to the Cabinet Member (Cllr Hiller) a request to consider the following:

The re-establishment of the parking bays in their original location once the work on the Town Hall is complete  leaving the newly-created disabled parking bays in situ to provide even greater access to our city for Blue Badge Holders.

Promoting the existence of the disabled parking bays to Peterborough’s approximately 50,000 disabled people.”
This motion was AGREED (As Amended) (Unanimous)