Plans for 25 affordable homes in village near Peterborough submitted

Plans have been submitted for 25 affordable homes in a village near Peterborough.

Plans for the new affordable homes in Glinton.
Plans for the new affordable homes in Glinton.

Larkfleet Homes has made an application to build 25 entry level affordable homes on land off Lincoln Road in Glinton. It is planned that these will be a mixture of shared ownership (12) and rental properties (13).

The site identified is currently used for growing cereal crops and is adjacent to Clare Lodge secure accomodation. Access to the homes would be via a newly created junction on Lincoln Road.

On the 2.47 acre (one hectare site) there would be a mix of one and storey houses, mostly detatched but with some semi-detatched and terraced properties to the north of the site. Of those, 11 would be two bedroom, with 14 having three bedrooms.

Publically accessible open space and children’s play equipment would also be incorporated into the development.

Planning documents describe the homes as suitable for first time buyers or renters, something the documents suggest that Peterborough City Council is falling behing on.

The design and access statement, put together by Larkfleet, states: “Peterborough City Council is failing to meet the need for affordable housing. The 2019 Local Plan’s annual target of 559 affordable homes per year has not been met during the first two years of monitoring. In fact, the undersupply in affordable homes

has already reached 869 homes when compared to the target in the first two years of the plan alone.

“A lack of strategic scale major development is preventing contributions towards the supply of affordable housing. Taken together with the fact that policy seeks less affordable housing than the level of need (30% compared to 57%) and the impact of the vacant building credit it is highly unlikely that the Council will be able to remedy the shortfall in affordable housing delivery. A consequence, the need for affordable housing is expected to dramatically increase over time.

“For the above reasons, the delivery of affordable homes should be considered to be a significant benefit in accordance with the NPPF’S requirement to meet the need for affordable homes.

The plans can be found on Peterborough City Council’s planning portal, searching with reference 21/01464/FUL.