Peterborough MP writes to council planners over residents’ objections to flats plan

MP Paul Bristow has written an open letter in which he has encouraged Peterborough City Council to pay close attention to the objections of residents to proposed new flats in Werrington.

By Ben Jones
Wednesday, 14th October 2020, 3:49 am
Campaign sign outside of The Ploughman pub in Werrington
Campaign sign outside of The Ploughman pub in Werrington

In August, an application was lodged for three apartment blocks on the former Staniland Court site, which would provide 67 new flats for the area.

The proposals were put forward by KREAM and Funding Affordable Homes and are backed by property developer John Livock.

The development is the third in three years proposed for the site but both of the previous two were rejected with fears of increased anti-social behaviour among the main objections at that time.


The most recent plans have caused much controversy and the Peterborough MP has stepped in and, via an open letter, said: “I have recently been contacted regarding this planning application. A number of issues have been raised with me, and it is clear that there are significant concerns held by residents.

“These include: Loss of residential amenity for neighbours.

“Scale of the development - out of character for the area.

“Traffic on Staniland Way - this already busy road will be placed under further pressure, particularly at peak times when there are already queues on surrounding roads.

“Parking - the number of bays in the proposed developments will not meet the needs of residents, with a potential flow-on impact on the already busy Tesco car park

“Crime and anti-social behaviour - so much has been learnt about the way estates and developments should be built to ‘design out’ crime and anti-social behaviour and there is a concern that this proposal does not do that effectively.

“Access to public services - there is a serious concern that public services, including schools and surgeries will be put under further pressure

“Drainage and flooding issues have not been addressed and the unnecessary removal of trees.

“I don’t typically get involved in planning but I would hope officers and councillors pay close attention to the issues raised by the objectors.”

The letter comes at a time when opponents of the plans have come into conflict with retailer Tesco, who occupy land on the Werrington centre site.

Andy Simmonds, who is the landlord of the Ploughman pub, has been running a campaign opposing the development and as part of that, has placed signage around the centre supporting his campaign.

Tesco has responded by asking for the signs to be removed or they will make their own arrangements for them to be taken down.

Andy said: “I have had a sign out there for years, going back to when it was the Co-op, the sign is mine and Tesco haven’t complained about any of the other posters put up by other community groups.

“I feel as if Tesco are trying to bully me and curb my right to free speech.

“They shouldn’t be getting involved. I have been consulting the plans and they are not even on Tesco property, so I will not be removing the signs.

“I feel they should be listening to the community and if they did the message they would hear is that people want Werrington Centre to be revitalised, with many small businesses encouraged to come back.

“The centre needs some love, we don’t want it to become a jungle of flats and anti-social behaviour.

“I hope people understand that this is one of the biggest issues in Werrington in the last 10 or 15 years. I can’t stress enough how much people should give their opinions on the development, whether you are for or against.

“We don’t want to be in a situation like the fence around the land close to Ken Stimpson, where objections were only raised after the plans were approved.”

The Peterborough Telegraph has approached Tesco for comment.

Anyone one who wishes to give their opinions on the proposed developments can do so on the Peterborough City Council website.