Peterborough City Council: Christian Hogg is the new Leader of the Lib Dems Group following AGM

Nick Sandford has been leader of the Liberal Democrats for 17 years

By Robert Alexander
Wednesday, 18th May 2022, 12:43 pm

Councillor Christian Hogg has been elected the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats Group, following their AGM.

Former leader, councillor Nick Sandford, has stepped down in order to take on the role of group chair while councillor Chris Wiggin (Hampton Vale) is the new press officer.

After the meeting on 17 May, councillor Hogg said: “The evening went well and we had a cordial competition for most of the positions actually which indicates how keen our members are to take part in the politics of the party.

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Jade Seager and Christian Hogg (Fletton and Stanground) pictured at Peterborough City Council local election count at the East of England Aren (image: David Lowndes)

“We’re very lucky here that we have a group of people who want to make their mark and we like to foster an atmosphere where people feel they can step forward and challenge for a role.

“Looking forward we have a very important Full Council meeting next Monday (May 23) and I think it’s unlikely now that there will a call for a vote of no confidence in councillor Wayne Fitzgerald – the numbers just don’t add up.”

Councillor Hogg, whose ward is Fletton and Stanground, has been a councillor in Peterborough since May 2018.

He sits as a full member on the Planning and Environmental Protection Committee and a reserve member on the Licensing Act 2003 Sub-Committee, Employment Committee and Licensing Committee where his attendance record in 99%.

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He added: “I think that Wayne will now remain the leader of the council, perhaps with his powers maybe not as clear as they were in the previous administration.

“But he’s a very shrewd political operator, and I’m quite sure it is not beyond his abilities to sort things out, one way or another.

“It is a time of change in Peterborough politics, and I think over the next 12 months which could go one of two ways: either we’ll get a more collaborative and conciliatory council where we all pull together – and that would certainly be my preferred choice of direction of travel.

“Or, alternatively, it could all start to fall apart. Either way, interesting times ahead I think and as leader of the Lib Dems I will have to be on our toes and able to react to events as they happen – which is why we’re here, to our best for the people of Peterborough.”

Previously Wayne Fitzgerald told the Peterborough Telegraph the reason he wants to be leader of the council is because he has a “responsibility”.

“In my twelve months as leader of the council, I have been the most collaborative in living memory, because I have tried to involve everybody.

“I’ve been told by the people who came in to do our governance review that I am the best person to lead this council through what are difficult and challenging times.

“And that is what I am doing, and hope to continue doing after 23 May. We shall see.”