New e-permit system at Peterborough household recycling centre

Peterborough City Council has made a number of changes to services at Peterborough’s Household Recycling Centre (HRC), to ‘improve the experience of residents using the site’.

By Mark Edwards
Friday, 24th September 2021, 12:43 pm
The household recycling centre at Fengate.

The introduction of a new online e-Permit system, an increase in the maximum length of van that can use the site and the acceptance of larger quantities of cement bonded asbestos, will help ensure that the HRC in Fengate continues to meet the changing needs of its users, the city council has said.

The temporary booking scheme brought in to manage the impact of reduced capacity during the period of Covid-19 restrictions, has been transferred to a new online, e-Permit system, for residents bringing vans or cars with trailers to the site.

The e-Permits are valid for 12 visits in a 12-month period, however, no more than two booking slots can be made within a seven-day period.

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The household recycling centre at Fengate.

Vehicles can only be included on one e-Permit at a time, so if you are helping friends or family by taking waste to the site for them, you will need to use your own e-Permit to do this.

The change to the maximum-sized van allowed to use the site, now means that long wheelbase vans can now be taken to Fengate HRC.

The maximum gross vehicle weight (GVW) allowed on site is 3.5 tonnes and vans pulling trailers will be refused entry.

Householders are encouraged to dispose of all types of asbestos through a licensed contractor.

The household recycling centre at Fengate.

However, small quantities of cement bonded asbestos, resulting from your own household maintenance and repairs can be taken to the HRC free of charge but must be pre-booked and approved prior to visiting the HRC.

In addition, a charged for service has been introduced for amounts of cement bonded asbestos over the small quantities we accept free of charge but is not in excess of (typically depending on size) six sheets, or six downpipes, for example. Each application is assessed on an individual basis.

Councillor Nigel Simons, Cabinet Member for Waste, Street Scene and the Environment, Peterborough City Council, said: “Since Peterborough’s Household Recycling Centre moved from its previous location to Fengate in 2019, the site’s facilities and the range of services have continued to grow in response to users’ needs and legislative requirements.

“These latest policy changes will ensure that the site continues to meet the changing needs of its users and reinforces the council’s commitment to reducing waste, increasing recycling and improving the environment for our residents.”

Users of the Fengate HRC are reminded that at the end of September, the site will move to its reduced Winter season hours of 08.00 to 16.00 seven days a week (October through to March inclusive). 

For more information on the Fengate HRC, visit: