IN PICTURES: The moment iconic Whittlesey brickwork chimneys were demolished

Historic brickwork chimneys in Whittlesey were demolished on Friday (May 21).

By Ben Jones
Saturday, 22nd May 2021, 4:55 am

The 85m tall chimneys stood at the site of the old Saxon Pit brickworks in Whittlesey, a site which contributed to the brickwork industry for over 100 years.

The chimneys were used to exhaust very large quantities of gas at relatively tall heights so as to keep the surrounding air clear of ground-level atmospheric contamination.

The demolition was ordered on safety grounds after a structural survey was taken. To recognise the importance of the chimneys and the history of the brickwork industry in the area a photographic record of the chimneys will be kept for the future generations.

The demolition took place at just before 10am this morning. Holes were made in the bottom of both chimneys and nitro-glycerine explosive charges were laid to bring them down. An exclusion zone was set up to ensure the safety of the many people that stood on verges close to the site to get a glimpse.

Three klaxons were sounded before each charge was set off and the large structures came crashing to the ground.

All went ahead smoothly, despite the high winds.

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