Council to investigate after unauthorised weedkiller applied to verges in Peterborough

Peterborough City Council is to investigate after weedkiller was applied to verges in Orton Longueville in an unauthorised manner.

Saturday, 15th May 2021, 8:23 am
Verges weedkiller has been applied to in Orton Longueville. Photo: David Thomson.

Earlier this month, members of the public noticed that some form of weedkiller had been applied to verges from The Village to the entrance for the Long Walk in Orton Longueville.

The area of land is managed by the council, who have since confirmed that they have not treated the verges.

A council spokesperson said: “Peterborough City Council has not treated the public grass verges in Orton Longueville with weedkiller. We are aware something has been used and are currently looking into this matter.”

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Verges weedkiller has been applied to in Orton Longueville. Photo: David Thomson.

It is believed that a member of the public used weedkiller on the verges and this could potentially cause severe harm both to the local environment as well as to dogs.

Herbicides, which are often present in weedkillers, can be extremely harmful to dogs. If they were to digest it before it dries, they could experience gastrointestinal upset, seizures, breathing problems and in extreme cases death, given the toxic nature of the chemical.

The use of such a chemical has angered many residents.

Orton Longueville Parish Councillor Nick Penniall commented on Facebook: “This is absolutely awful behaviour. Destruction of wildlife because someone isn’t keen on what it looks like.

“Absolutely unnecessary and not welcome in our ward.

“Did anyone see anything? The individuals perpetrating this crime against nature? Please get in contact.“

Peterborough Hedgehog Hotel, who are based close to where the weedkiller was placed, added: “Weedkillers are biological weapons to wildlife, to use them in this specific area is absolutely disgusting and we hope that no animals will suffer as a result of someone’s stupidity.”