Council promises to continue to tackle vandalism at Peterborough flytipping hotspot

Peterborough City Council has promised to continue to take action at a flytipping and vandalism hotspot in the city.

Tuesday, 13th April 2021, 4:59 am

The site that has been the subject of numerous complaints from residents is where the former Silver Jubilee pub used to stand in Bretton.

The pub itself closed several years ago and since then has become the target for anti-social behaviour, including arson attacks, and has become a hotspot for flytipping.

Many residents have described it as an eyesore and have expressed their frustration at the city council for ‘allowing’ it to fall into its current state.

Fences are in place but this has not stopped people either knocking them down or simply throwing items over the top of them.

One Bretton resident commented: “We did a huge litter pick in Bretton last week and I even resorted to clearing paths with a shovel.

“We just need the council to do the same at the silver jubilee site now. I get the building is a wreck but there is no need to let the site fall into that state.

“It’s almost like they think if it gets bad enough the locals will approve any application they put in just to be rid of the damn eyesore.”

The council bought the site last year for £650,000 and plans are in place for Heltwate School to use it to build a new two-storey building for early years pupils, alongside a new footpath and parking area.

A planning application for the demolition works was submitted but has had to be withdrawn due to a change in government guidelines regarding public houses. There have been no further updates on when demolition might begin.

In the meantime, the city council has reaffirmed their commitment to keeping the sight clear of rubbish.

A Peterborough City Council spokesperson said: “The site has been secured by PCC with fencing, but unfortunately it keeps getting vandalised and knocked over with people trespassing on the site.

“We do keep re-erecting and securing the fence/site and will continue to do so.

“There isn’t an update as of yet on demolition.”


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