Construction work to begin on £8 million Peterborough parkway scheme in January

Construction work will begin on an £8 million scheme to improve Peterborough’s parkway system - after a further £3 million of funding was agreed by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority,

By Stephen Briggs
Wednesday, 10th November 2021, 1:25 pm
Dr Nik Johnson, Mayor of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

Junction 15 serves two of Peterborough’s busiest strategic roads (the A47 Soke Parkway and the A1260 Nene Parkway). It is a crucial cornerstone of the Parkway Network and provides access to Nene Thorpe Bridge, one of the city’s three road river crossings.

On average 46,000 vehicles pass through Junction 15 on a typical weekday. The junction experiences bad traffic jams, particularly northbound on the A1260 Nene Parkway where queues regularly drag back over a mile during the evening rush hour.

But construction work will start in the new year to improve the junction.

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Helping people walk to and from green spaces and enjoy connected active travel options were key considerations when the Combined Authority’s transport and infrastructure committee this week

Chaired by Mayor Dr Nik Johnson, the committee unanimously approved the Full Business Case and agreed to recommend that the Combined Authority Board approves an allocation of £3.014m from its capital reserves to increase the current budget from £5m to the forecast construction cost of £8.014m.

The committee also agreed to recommend that the Combined Authority Board approve the total £8.014m for the construction phase of the project including the re-profiling of the project bids agreed in the June 2021 funding call.

Measures have been included in this scheme to ensure it improves pedestrian connectivity to public transport and nature; this includes the replacement of a pedestrian footbridge, the creation of zebra crossings, improving access to Ferry Meadows, the business park, and to public transport.

More details on the planned parkway changes read - complete summary of the construction phase.