Britain reacts to Donald Trump's election

As the dust settles on the US Election night following a fractious campaign, Britain's politicians and figureheads have reacted to Donald Trumps elections.

How do you solve a problem like Donald Trump? “We could shoot him,” Sir David Attenborough joked in an interview revealing a steely political edge behind the cuddly image.

Asked previously how he would feel about America electing a President who believed that climate change is a “Chinese hoax”, Sir David buried his head in his hands.

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UKIP interim leader Nigel Farage told Trump: “Many congratulations. You have fought a brave campaign.”

Prime Minister Teresa May said she looked forward to working with Donald Trump while First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon said “Today is a moment for all of us to believe in tolerance and diversity and speak up for the values we hold dear.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby added: “My continuing prayers are that the United States of America may find reconciliation after a bitter campaign and that Mr Trump may be given wisdom, insight and grace as he faces the tasks before him.