Land earmarked for development at Fletton Quays

10 major Peterborough sites earmarked for development

As one of the UK’s fastest growing cities Peterborough needs to build on average 1,000 homes a year to keep pace.

Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 5:02 am

And while major developments at sites including Fletton Quays and Great Haddon will deliver many of those properties, other areas of Peterborough have been earmarked for housing developments in future years.

These sites are listed on the city council’s brownfield register - a public document it is legally required to update every year.

The register was last updated in December and includes 115 sites, of which 11 have yet to receive planning permission.

Below are 10 of those sites, as well as links to a map showing where development is proposed to take place.

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