The Peterborough Effect... and Roy

Actor Roy Kinnear dressed as a Roman Centurion is one of the iconic images of modern day Peterborough.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 3:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 11:21 am
Roy Kinnear promoting the city with Peterborough school pupils. Do you know any of them?

Kinnear was the star of 1980s’ TV adverts commissioned by Peterborough Development Corporation to promote the city and encourage people and firms to relocate here.

The idea was not only to promote the city as a ‘new town’but also to reveal its history.

One of the ads was set in a back garden in Castor made available by a friendly resident. Roy Kinnear appeared speaking Latin and the PDC claimed a world first as having the first TV advert in Latin with English subtitles!

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If you were involved in the adverts please get in touch.

The picture above left is I think a still from one of the ads with Kinnear stood in the Guildhall with the cathedral in the background.

The main picture shows Kinnear with a group of children who I believe were pupils from the King’s School. I don’t know whether this scene formed part of the ads or was just an associated publicity shot.

Can anyone name the children in the picture?I wonder if any are still in Peterborough? If you know, or better still are in the picture, please get in touch.

lAs a postscript to last week’s pictures of Town Bridge I came across this picture of the official opening of the bridge.

Does anybody know the name of the garageon the left hand side of the bridge.