Woman, 21, thanks strangers for help after suffering stroke in street near Peterborough

Caring strangers and neighbours leapt into action to help 21-year-old Katy Forster who was left paralysed down her left hand side after suffering a stroke.

Monday, 11th October 2021, 6:17 am
Katy Forster.

Katy (21) was on her way home with her partner Dan who was driving when disaster struck.

Dan helped Katy to get out of the car before neighbours and even complete strangers rushed to help the young couple.

Residents of the village helped to comfort Katy and waited until the ambulance arrived to take her to hospital.

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Katy Forster with partner Dan.

Katy told how everything happened very quickly.

She said: “Suddenly I couldn’t see properly or talk. I wasn’t able to move my left side at all which made it difficult for my partner to get me out of the car and into the house.

“While I was laying on the ground I heard people had stopped their cars to ask if I was okay, if an ambulance had been called or if any help was needed at all.

“I thought I got lucky and just had one lovely person drive past, but then more and more people asked to help.

“I spoke to my neighbours on and off whenever I got a chance to see them but I never expected them to be so kind and helpful.”

Katy who has suffered with seizures since she was 16-years-old had been ‘reluctant’ to go out due to her epilepsy, until she moved to the village.

She said: “I was in the army and was so proud to make an impact. I unfortunately had to leave due to medical reasons.

“I never really used to go out of the house in case something happened and no one would help as not many people understand epilepsy.

“This was until I moved into Sawtry. I knew it would be safe because people say ‘hello’ and ‘morning’ when you walk past them, the people of the village genuinely care about others.

“This was put to test when I started feeling really unwell on the drive into the village, on my way home with my partner.”

Katy said she was grateful for the community spirit and consideration shown to her by neighbours and wanted to thank them.

She said: “At the time I wished I could have thanked them more than anything, but I was unable to. My friendly and kind neighbours helped to bring me home while we waited for assistance to arrive.