Toddler meets RAF Wittering and ambulance crew heroes who saved his life

A toddler has been reunited with the ambulance crew and RAF Wittering Responders who helped save his life after he suddenly fell unconscious at home last month.

Monday, 24th April 2017, 4:36 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:38 pm
Max Barnett with RAF Wittering and EMAS staff

Max Barnett, three, was saved by East Midlands Ambulance Service crew James Crichton and Colin Maddams and the RAF Wittering Responders James Roper and David Kerr.

After little Max fell unconscious, mum Jess rang 999 on March 5 and RAF Wittering responders were on scene within minutes.

James Roper, RAF Wittering said: “When we arrived at Max he was having a seizure on the living room floor with an excessively high temperature.

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“After James and Colin had arrived in the ambulance it was straight to Peterborough hospital.

“Max had stopped breathing on route and once we had arrived we was directed straight into a bay used for critical care patients where Max was placed into a medically induced coma to help stabilise his condition”.

Max, from Grantham, was diagnosed with a chest infection that had turned septic along with influenza; he spent just 24 hours in an induced coma and two days recovery at Leicester Children’s Hospital.

Without the timely response, and quick thinking of the responders Max could have suffered a serious brain injury or lost his life.

Jess Barnett, Mum to Max said: “I cannot thank these gentlemen enough for the care and dedication they showed Max and for the way they looked after and supported me as his mum. They explained everything that was happening and reassured me the whole way, I am so thankful”.

Paramedic Collin Maddams said: “It was lovely to see Max and his family today and see the great recovery he’s made as well as see the RAF responders from Wittering under positive circumstances.

“Unfortunately in this job we don’t often hear about the end result so it’s been great to witness the positive outcomes of our work”