"'Barney is a very affectionate, lazy and toy loving young dog who loves to be fussed, curl up on the sofa or armchair for a sleep, and play with his ball or tug rope toys. He loves his daily exercise and walks by your side nicely with the occasional check needed. It is not unusual for him to sleep until mid or late morning, sleep all evening and then he wakes up full of life and energy, so he's a night person!

Ten dogs close to Peterborough that are in need of a new home

Here are ten dogs in and around the Peterborough area that are looking for a new home.

Saturday, 5th June 2021, 1:54 pm

The Peterborough Telegraph is running regular spotlights on dogs that need new homes to support the work of animal charities in the Peterborough area.

The Peterborough and District Branch of the RSPCA do so much to rescue, nurture and subsequently rehome dogs in the area. They have continued to operate throughout lockdown and within a small radius are still permitted to rehome these animals.

Below are a selection of those that have been rescued and are in need of their forever home.

To find more details on each dog and to search for more rescue animals, visit www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/rehomeapet/process.

The RSPCA are funded entirely by public donations and receive no government money and therefore rely on the generosity of the public. Anyone wishing to support their work do so via www.rspca.org.uk/getinvolved/donate.

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