Ten dogs close to Peterborough that are in need of a new home

Here are ten dogs in and around the Peterborough area that are looking for a new home.

Sunday, 16th May 2021, 7:26 am
Terrific Titch. Titch is our resident 'bull in a china shop', this lovable boy will be sure to give you the sloppiest kisses, and the biggest bear hugs! He is a massive softy and loves his humans so much and he is not afraid to show it- he never plays hard to get! You will never feel lonely or isolated with this boy in your home and if you can't see him you will surely hear him as his snoring rivals a jet engine!! He requires on going training in the home and needs to learn to use his brain and not his brawn. Due to not knowing his history he would need to go with older children only 14+ and no other pets. Could you give this soft centred sweetie a loving furever home?

The Peterborough Telegraph is running regular spotlights on dogs that need new homes to support the work of animal charities in the Peterborough area.

The Peterborough and District Branch of the RSPCA do so much to rescue, nurture and subsequently rehome dogs in the area. They have continued to operate throughout lockdown and within a small radius are still permitted to rehome these animals.

Below are a selection of those that have been rescued and are in need of their forever home.

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Nala is a stunning girl who has spent the majority of her life with us in kennels. She was removed by our inspectors after she was found living in a kennel without food, water or bedding. Sadly she has also had her ears illegal cropped. Thankfully Nala has now been signed over to the RSPCA for re-homing. Nala was just a young puppy when she arrived in our care, she was very under socialised and scared of us, which was really sad to see from such a young dog. ala has spent over a year with us and has blossomed during her stay. She now walks on lead and knows lots of basic commands. Nala LOVES other dogs but understandably can still be worried around new people and is worse with men. Nala can also be scared of new places, she will take some encouraging when going into new environments but once she is bonded with a handler she is quite good at following them.

To find more details on each dog and to search for more rescue animals, visit www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/rehomeapet/process.

The RSPCA are funded entirely by public donations and receive no government money and therefore rely on the generosity of the public. Anyone wishing to support their work do so via www.rspca.org.uk/getinvolved/donate.

Missy is a sweet 10 year old Border Terrier cross looking for her forever home. She is a lovely girl who adores having lots of cuddles and fuss. Missy loves being around people and would make a lovely part of the family. She likes her walks and is good on the lead. Missy is a sweet natured girl who loves to snuggle up with people and create a loving bond. She would love a home with a garden where she can explore and play in. Missy is in a foster home and has settled in well with her foster family. She has been great on her walks and has loved all of the fuss and attention. Missy is looking for an adult only home or with children over the age of 12 years who are familiar with dogs. She would be best as the only dog in the home and is not suited to living with cats or small furries. Missy can be left but would like a home where she is only left for short periods of time.
Mrs D is a big strong girl who arrived with us after being abandoned. She was found living in terrible conditions, without food, water or bedding. Sadly her ears had also been cropped :( Mrs D loves going for long walks. Once she is away from distractions, she walks well on lead and will chill out. Ideally we would like her to be rehomed to the coutryside where she won't bump into many people or other dogs. Mrs D may need full training in her new home as we are unsure if she has ever lived in a home before. She would benefit from having someone at home for part of the day to help with this. Mrs D is looking for a pet free home but she could possibly live with older children who have experience with dogs. rs D will need a secure garden with 6ft fencing around the perimeter of the garden.
Mollie has the softest nature- she loves people and is happy to meet anyone and everyone! Her hang up- she has quite bad separation anxiety so would need someone at home to help build her up to being left alone. As you can imagine with this type of anxiety kennel life is not helping Mollie- we try our hardest to make it nice for her but she needs a comfy home. Out on walk Mollie is quite strong on her lead which is something we are working with but it would need to continue in the home. Mollie needs a secure garden, with a 6 ft minimum fence all around. She could live with children 10 years and over but no small animals. Mollie's observations are still on going, will update on whether she could live with another dog ASAP.
Kenzie is a lovely 6 year old American Bulldog looking for his forever home. He is a sweet boy who does loves fuss and attention. He enjoys cuddles so would love a home where he can build a loving bond with his new family. He does like his walks and is generally best with shorter walks. Kenzie can sometimes be strong on the lead so may need some training to help with this. Kenzie is good with people and is generally a very calm boy. He would love a home with a spacious garden for him to explore in. He has been around other dogs and has been comfortable with them but can pull on the lead so may benefit from some further socialising. He has had entropion eye surgery and is recovering well and is a lot more comfortable following his operation. Kenzie is looking for an adult only home or with children over the age of 16 years who are familiar with larger breeds. He needs to be the only dog in the home and is not suited to living with cats or small furries.
Lovely Lilly. Lilly arrived at Abbey Street as she was found as a stray and unfortunately went unclaimed. We have aged Lilly at approximately at 6 years old. This gorgeous girl has had to have a hair cut as she arrived with quite matted hair and with some sore patches- thankfully she looks and feels much better now! Lilly requires an adult only home, and some one with patience. She has so much love to give but understandably she can initially put her walls up to protect herself. Once she knows you and knows you will not hurt her she's the best little character, she makes the sweetest noises when playing with her tennis ball. Food is the way to this girls heart, she loves to eat. Lilly has been loved at some point in her life as she knows so much and is very respectful, she walks well on her lead and is good round dogs (although isn't too fussed by them)- she's very happy in her own company. She cannot live with other animals. She does enjoy socially meeting other dogs but gets jealous if has to share.
Harry has a huge character within his huge body. He is a typical young dog who is looking for a home with experienced people who have owned his breed before. Harry does know a few basic commands but he does need to learn some manners. Harry does still jump up when excited but he is very responsive when corrected. Harry has shown some signs of separation anxiety so this is something new owners must be willing to work with. Harry loves other dogs but he can be very full on. He should be fine to live with another large dog that could handle his play and strength. Harry was extremely thin on arrival and is still a little way off of his target weight. If you have something tasty in your hand Harry can sometimes try to snatch it. He is however very gentle if you ask him to sit and then offer him a treat.
Ice came into us via inspectorate, due to this we have no history on how she will behave in a home. Ice is a very nervous girl who will require fosterers with patience to build up her trust, and faith in human beings. Her fosterers must be loving, have experience using purely positive training methods, and be around majority of the day. For the time being Ice will need to be the only pet in the home whilst she becomes more accustom to general day-to-day life in our world. Ice does enjoy the company of other dogs so would enjoy walking with other canine friends on the odd occasion in her home. She will require some training primarily toilet training and socialisation in all areas. We'd recommend children aged 14+ who have calm demeanour and are understanding as to when to give her space.
This completely gorgeous boy is not only huge on the outside, he also has a huge personality! He is very strong and is looking for owners who are strong enough to control him and have experience with large breed dogs. Dennis was originally abandoned by his owners which makes it harder for us to know what type of home he would suit. He was chipped and we know that his DOB is 21-12-18 however no other details were kept updated on the chip. Due to his size and strength, we are looking to rehome him to an adult only household with no other pets. Dennis does like other dogs but he seriously needs to learn some manners and realise that squashing dogs or batting them with his big meaty leg isn't always greatly recieved! Yes....He does upset alot of dogs without even realising! We are hoping now he is neutered it will calm him down a bit. Dennis does require a large fully secure garden and ideally owners that have owned large breed dogs before.