Search for new future for Peterborough Greyhound Stadium goes on

The owner of Peterborough Greyhound Stadium has revealed the search for a new future for the venue is still ongoing.

By Paul Grinnell
Tuesday, 21st July 2020, 5:50 am
Peterborough Greyhound Stadium at Fengate EMN-200520-145811009
Peterborough Greyhound Stadium at Fengate EMN-200520-145811009

Richard Perkins, chief executive of the family-owned stadium, in Fengate, said work was still underway to examine an array of ideas for an alternative use for the stadium, which stopped greyhound racing nine weeks ago.

He said that while that work went on, plans to allow businesses and other organisation to hire out offices and a meeting room that already exist in the stadium’s buildings were being considered.

His comments follow some speculation on the social media site Twitter that the stadium was about to be turned into offices and a meeting room.

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Mr Perkins said: “We already have some existing offices and a meeting room, and we are looking at the possibility of letting these out.

“Otherwise, we are still exploring ideas for an alternative use for the building.”

Battered by the Covid pandemic, the stadium, which still operates as a business, stopped greyhound racing on May 19.

Under the impact of lockdown and social distancing rules it had become clear to the owners the stadium was unlikely to be able to accommodate the substantial number of visitors it needed to remain sustainable.

At its peak, the stadium had employed 180 workers - mostly part-time - including 25 full-time staff.

According to the stadium’s website it has as eight offices, ranging from 16 square metres, and a meeting room available as serviced office space.

Along with office use, the stadium will also provide all utilities, internet access, communal kitchen.

Speaking five weeks ago, Mr Perkins said: “It is too early to make a decision and for the moment we are just hanging on.

“We are talking to various people about how we can utilise the facilities here but there has not been any agreement to do anything.

“We are also looking at ways that we can use the stadium as something else.

“At the moment, we are just not sure what we are going to do. We have lots of options.”