Peterborough sisters return to school they went to as pupils - this time as teachers

“I feel so lucky that I get to work with my sister and wouldn’t change a thing. We have very fond memories of our time here as pupils.”

By Stephen Briggs
Sunday, 15th May 2022, 8:00 am

A pair of Peterborough sisters have returned to class years after leaving the school gates – this time as teachers.

Kearan and Shaesta Kauser now proudly stand side by side as teachers at the school they went to as children.

The Peterborough pair spent many enjoyable years as primary school pupils at West Town Primary Academy and now find themselves arriving to work to inspire the next generation of children.

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Shaesta and Kearan now teach at the same school where they went as children

Kearan and Shaesta, who are both mothers of young children, had never planned on pursuing the same career path, let alone sharing the same workplace.

Prior to their current roles, Kearan, a law graduate, was working at a legal firm in Peterborough for over three years. The switch to teaching arrived at a time when she had a young family to look after and found that her work balance didn’t suit her family life.

This was when she decided to return to West Town Primary Academy as a Teaching Assistant, allowing her to spend more time with her family, whilst developing her passion for working with young people.

Shaesta initially left school following her GCSEs. After having her first two children, Shaesta decided to return to education by completing a part-time degree at the Open University, whilst working as a Teaching Assistant at Fulbridge Academy, in Peterborough.

Having both completed their Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) status this year, Shaesta now works as a full-time classroom teacher at West Town Academy. Kearan spends two days as an intervention teacher and three days as a classroom teacher, and also has two children attending the school.

Shaesta said: “I feel so lucky that I get to work with my sister and wouldn’t change a thing. We have very fond memories of our time here as pupils. West Town genuinely feels like home to us and we don’t think we could ever leave it now. Although we didn’t intend to work together everything just seemed to fall into place for us.

“My job doesn’t feel like work. I look forward to coming in every day because of the positive atmosphere, my colleagues and the pupils and am so fortunate to work at such a brilliant school.”

Kearan added: “My two children are extremely happy at West Town Primary Academy with one even wanting to follow in my footsteps and pursue a career in teaching. For me to send my children here shows the trust I have that they will receive a high-quality education and a supportive environment, whether you join as a pupil or as a member of staff.

“School Principal Hannah Quinn has been excellent in providing me with career development opportunities from my very first day as a volunteer assistant, to now being a qualified teacher with my own classroom at the school.”

Hannah Quinn, Principal at West Town Primary Academy, said: “When Kearan and Shaesta were pupils here I was actually working as a newly qualified teacher at the school at the time.

“Since then, it has been a pleasure to welcome them both back to the school as ambitious, talented teachers and watch their careers flourish."