Peterborough mosque wants daily calls to prayer played through loudspeaker

A mosque in Peterborough wants daily calls to prayer played out through a loudspeaker.

Monday, 9th November 2020, 5:00 am

Masjid Ghousia in Gladstone Street, Millfield, wants the amplified call to prayer to be made three times a day at lunchtime, afternoon and sunset.

In a planning application submitted to Peterborough City Council, it is stated that each call would last no more than five minutes and would be sounded out through four loudspeakers.

These would be located on the top of the minaret (tower) at the Springfield Road/Gladstone Street junction end of the building and would be hidden from view.

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Masjid Ghousia mosque at Gladstone Street, Peterborough EMN-200611-130936009
Masjid Ghousia mosque at Gladstone Street, Peterborough EMN-200611-130936009

Nazim Khan, chairman of the Masjid Ghousia Management Committee, said; “A number of local people have approached us and asked for this provision in these difficult and challenging times.

“We hope the council will approve - we always work very closely with the council and other agencies for the wellbeing of our communities.

“The call to prayer is only for a few minutes. It’s extremely soothing and spiritually uplifting. It will not cause any impact in the local neighbourhood. That would be against our religion. It will only be transmitted in a small area around Masjid Ghousia which is predominantly Muslim.”

Labour city councillor for North ward Ansar Ali said: “I am confident the local communities will welcome this initiative as it will be soothing and uplifting during these challenging and difficult times. It will encourage people to pray for the wellbeing of all our communities.”

The application has so far received two comments from local residents.

One backing the plans states: “As a member of the Muslim community I am supporting this application. We are happy for this to go ahead.

“A special thank you to the counsellor Mr Nazam Hussain and Raja Sokandar Khan and Ifthab from Radio communication.”

However, the second comment states: “The Gladstone area may suffer deprivation and be in need of much urban regeneration but it is a quiet residential area with low through traffic thanks to the area’s 20mph speed limit.

“A call to prayer three times a day, every day, would be a great intrusion.

“Ghousia mosque seems to have generated a large and faithful congregation without the need for any amplified calls to prayer. If their application was to be approved the other four mosques in the neighbourhood may well also seek permission for amplified calls to prayer. Quiet enjoyment of our neighbourhood would be lost.”