Peterborough Facebook group donates hundreds of coats to children and parents in need

A Peterborough Facebook group called Coats for Kids has amassed hundreds of donations of coats to give out to children and parents in need.

Sunday, 9th February 2020, 5:00 am
Jane Hale with her Coats fror Kids Peterborough stock

An overwhelming amount of coats have already been donated, with more than 400 already having been distributed.

As well as collecting winter wear, the organisers of Coats for Kids say the initiative has been a way to bring people together, and meet new people over a common cause.

Jane Hale,from Woodston, who helps run the initiative said: “For me, the recycling side of it is good, so we can reuse everything so we’re avoiding the landfill.

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“Over Christmas we were inundated with donations.

“We want to keep that up, as the response has been amazing.

“I help because I’m in a fortunate position that I can, I am aware that people may have two or three children who grow out of clothes so quickly.

“I am self-employed, so this is my way of doing something for the community.”

Having found kindness from across the city, many local parents have offered their homes as donation points.

Spanning from Spalding and Deeping to Woodston and Bretton, the 600-plus members are pulling together to make sure no child goes without during the cold weather.

The process is easy and accessible for parents who are able to message the page, ask for a certain size and receive a coat for free. Another of the organisers, Louise Clough, from Fletton, said: “It is important to me because we are living in particularly hard times, as a mother of three young boys I have never felt the pinch more than in the past few years.

“With my children they outgrow their clothes, including coats, so quickly and sometimes you are left with ‘nearly new’ items of clothes.”

The group is now collaborating with local schools and organisations and hope to further their reach even more.

Not limiting themselves to coats, the group is also accepting and giving donations of boots, shoes, gloves, hats and scarves.

To contact the charity or to get involved in collecting clothes search for ‘Coats For Kids Peterborough’ on Facebook.