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Peterborough clocks off as number of city centre timepieces don’t show correct time

Peterborough Civic Society have said it is time for Peterborough’s clocks to be put right - as more than half a dozen in the city are not showing the right time.

By Stephen Briggs
Tuesday, 31st August 2021, 5:00 am

From large clocks in prominent locations to smaller ones on the top of advertising hoardings, The Peterborough Telegraph counted seven clocks in the city centre which were not correct.

While most of us carry the time with us - either with a mobile phone or a watch - many also still rely on public clocks, to ensure they are not late for meetings, appointments or travel.

Some of the public clocks that either are not working, or are simply telling the wrong time, include the one on the tower outside Asda, the one above McDonalds in Queensgate, and even the one outside the Town Hall on Bridge Street.

The problem is not a new one in the city - in 2018 the Peterborough Telegraph pointed out the issue - and while a number were fixed, many are still telling the wrong time.

Toby Wood, from the Peterborough Civic Society, said; “The Civic Society once again breathes a collective sigh about the fact that so many of Peterborough’s clocks are not telling the right time. The society believes that it really shouldn’t be beyond the wit of the council and business owners to make sure that clocks tell the right time. After all, these timepieces are a fascinating part of our local streetscape and should be celebrated and preserved.

“The fact that nobody can read the time on the clock face anymore is missing the point!” h

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