Peterborough Cathedral to host ‘powerful’ anti-slavery exhibition

Peterborough Cathedral will host a powerful anti-slavery exhibition to mark Anti-Slavery Day.

By Stephen Briggs
Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 10:02 am
Peterborough Cathedral
Peterborough Cathedral

The special display, the Invisible People exhibition, will be open to the public just inside the Cathedral’s main entrance on Monday October 18 - which is Anti-Slavery Day - and Tuesday October 19, between 9am and 5pm. It includes images taken by the internationally acclaimed photographer, Rory Carnegie.

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Each image depicts a scene from an industry where modern slavery is prevalent, with the aim of getting the public talking about this issue. The exhibition is part of the National Crime Agency’s campaign to raise awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking. Representatives of the National Crime Agency’s Modern Slavery &Human Trafficking Unit will be with the exhibition to answer questions from the public and raise awareness on how to spot the signs of modern slavery and how to report any suspicion.

Canon Tim Alban Jones, Vice-Dean of Peterborough, said: “I am so glad we are able to host this exhibition and help to draw public attention to the issue of modern slavery. I am sure that the 18th century Dean of Peterborough, Peter Peckard, a leading light in the abolition of slavery movement of his day, would be shocked that slavery still exists in our society in the 21st century. The sad fact is that it does, and this exhibition is one way in which we can raise awareness of that, and find out what we can do about it. I would encourage anyone who has concerns related to this issue to call in and find out more.”

You can find out more about Anti-Slavery Day here: