Peterborough care home gives the gift of art to nursery in need

Werrington Lodge Care Home have gifted arts and craft boxes to a nursery in need.

By Rosie Boon
Sunday, 7th November 2021, 4:59 am
Nursery assistant, Angela Higgins recieving the jampacked boxes from Werrington Lodge Care Home
Nursery assistant, Angela Higgins recieving the jampacked boxes from Werrington Lodge Care Home

Werrington Lodge Care Home run by Barchester Healthcare knew that Rainbow Preschool, also based in Werrington were in need of arts and crafts supplies for their children.

Springing in to action, Activities Coordinator at Werrington Lodge, Kay Windsor put together Arts and Crafts boxes and some treats as a donation. They delivered the boxed to the nursery who were ‘extremely thankful’. Filled with love, jigsaws, puzzles, paints for the children, they lodge didn’t forget about the staff and included some biscuits for them to enjoy with a well-deserved cup of tea.

At the moment Werrington Lodge cannot allow large groups in the home to mix with residents, but before the pandemic the residents used to love seeing and spending time with the children from nearby pre-schools and nurseries.

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Laura Baker, Customer Relationship Manager said: “The residents love the ways we support our local community and they love the interaction when we have the preschools in the community in to vist as well, pre Coronavirus. As soon as we can, I am sure we’d love to have the children in the meet the residents.

“The nursery is family run and has been operating for almost 30 years here in Werrington. When talking to one of our activity coordinators and mentioned they were desperately trying to find new activities and equipment for the children. Thats why we wanted to lend a helping hand and we hope we are able to help them more going forward.”

Werrington Lodge Care Home are hopeful to start their own arts and crafts groups within the homes as they have many residents interested. They are reaching out to the local community if any volunteers would look to run any craft activities. If you are interested get in touch with; [email protected]