No child will go hungry in Peterborough this half term – City Council pledges

Following the government’s decision not to continue to fund free school meals over the holidays - Peterborough City Council has issued a statement reminding people in Peterborough that there is support for those who need it.

Food parcels are being offered in half term.
Food parcels are being offered in half term.

Deputy Leader Cllr. Wayne Fitzgerald – says: “No family or child will go hungry in Peterborough. This Conservative administration cares about the people who live here, and we take seriously our responsibilities to make sure all our residents are looked after particularly those families that are blessed with children. Government cannot be expected to fund everything forever so local authorities like Peterborough have stepped up efforts since March to fill any gap. With support from our MP’s Paul Bristow and Shailesh Vara we were given an extra £276k, from government in August to support essential services including food and supplies.

“As most people will know there is already an extensive benefits system in place in the UK for those on low incomes and most people on these benefits manage perfectly well and can look after themselves and feed their children daily. We are already in touch with those families and know what their needs are, and we will remind them again about the additional support available to them.

“People should reflect calmly and understand that this decision by government has turned yet again into a political football between all the parties looking to score points off each other and we will not participate in the ongoing media frenzy surrounding this - there is no issue in Peterborough that we cannot deal with and nobody needs to be hungry or go without food, “ he added.

All those struggling to cope with basic essentials during this pandemic can contact the Peterborough City hub for help and advice – which might include support and direction to other sources of help, and this includes families who may be struggling but are not eligible for free school meals on 01733 747474

The Peterborough City hub has been since March supporting people to access food and other supplies if they are struggling to provide for their families; and this can also help those who are eligible for free school meals during the holidays.

“We are delighted that so many local businesses are stepping up to offer additional support – and would urge them to make these offers directly to the Hub to as we know and are in touch with all of those who will be able to make best use of this,” Cllr Fitzgerald added.

Further reminders of how to access help from the hub is also being issued to the parents of all children eligible for free school meals in Peterborough from their schools.