Graduate who sued Anglia Ruskin over ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree receives £60k payout

A graduate who sued Anglia Ruskin University over her ‘Mickey Mouse’ degree has received a payout of £60,000.

Monday, 3rd June 2019, 11:48 am
Anglia Ruskin University said it did not support the payment

Pok Wong graduated with a first in international business strategy from the university’s Cambridge campus in 2013.

But she claimed the university, which also has a campus in Oundle Road, Woodston, “exaggerated the prospects of a career” and sued them for false advertising.

Despite losing in court she has received a £15,000 payment and had her legal costs covered by the solicitors for Anglia Ruskin’s insurers.

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The university said it did not support the payout.

Ms Wong told the BBC in 2018: “They think we’re international students [and] we come here to pay our money for a piece of paper, for the degree.

“But actually we care about the quality, we care about how much we could learn.

“They exaggerated the prospects of a career studying with them, and also they exaggerate how connected they are.”

A spokesman for Anglia Ruskin said: “Ms Wong’s long-running litigation against the university has been rejected numerous times and has never been upheld. Her complaints have also been rejected by the Office of the Independent Adjudicator and by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

“In 2017 the Central London County Court ruled against Ms Wong ordering her to pay the university £4,000 costs, and in 2018 the court struck out her claim of false advertising and ordered Ms Wong to pay a further £13,700 costs.

“Following the hearing, without reference to the university, our insurer’s solicitors wrote to Ms Wong offering to settle her claim for £15,000 plus payment of her legal costs. We do not support their decision and have informed them that we consider that they acted negligently and against the university’s interests.”