Food waste recyclers AgriGrub plan jobs-creating move to Peterborough

An innovative company creating sustainable solutions to food waste using the Black Soldier Fly is looking to create jobs with a move to Peterborough.

Wednesday, 21st October 2020, 4:30 am
Some of the team at AgriGrub.

AgriGrub, in Soham, is searching for a two to four acre site in Peterborough as it seeks to be closer to a growing cluster of food manufacturers.

The new site is expected to process 15,000 tons of food waste a year.

This is done by feeding waste fruit and vegetables that would usually end up in landfill to the larvae of Black Soldier Flies, which quickly break down the food.

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The Black Soldier Fly grub - a key part of the waste solution for AgriGrub.

But the grubs can be sold as food for birds, reptiles and hedgehogs while a side product of growing the larvae is frass, which makes a fertiliser and bio-repellant.

AgriGrub, which has four staff, say the new site will need about 20 people.

Joe Halstead, managing director, said: “We plan to move to Peterborough in mid 2021.

“We are moving because we have run out of space at our site at the Innovation Hub in Soham. In addition, AMFresh is moving the majority of its operations from Fordham to Peterborough.

“And Peterborough has lots of food manufacturing.

Mr Halstead added: “It’s important to be close to the waste source. If waste needs to be shipped long distances this wipes away the economic and environmental benefits from using AgriGrub over other waste management solutions.

“We’re also working on a year long Waste and Resources Action Programme/DEFRA funded project to produce new pest control measures for the horticultural industry.

“We are hoping that should have some results by the middle of next year.”