Electric bikes for hire venture takes to the roads in Peterborough

A new venture offering electric bikes for public hire will be launched today in Peterborough.
This maps shows the area's in which e-bikes for hire can be found.This maps shows the area's in which e-bikes for hire can be found.
This maps shows the area's in which e-bikes for hire can be found.

Twenty of the so-called e-bikes will be available for use by people, aged 18 and over, across the city.

The e-bikes will be operated by European e-bike and e-scooter specialists Voi and will allow users to make essential journeys around the city while keeping to the social distancing recommendations.

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Voi is also offering free e-bike rides to NHS and Emergency Service workers as part of its Voi 4 Heroes initiative.

E-bikes like this will be for hire in Peterborough.E-bikes like this will be for hire in Peterborough.
E-bikes like this will be for hire in Peterborough.

The e-bikes will be available in the following streets:

Cygnet Road

Station Road (near the train station)

Lynch Wood

Peterborough City Hospital

North Bank Road with Airfields Cycleway

Hill Close

Welland Road (near Spar and Subway)

Maskew Avenue

Oxclose (near Royal Mail Post Box)

Audley Gate (near Royal Mail Post Box)

Oundle Road (in from of Co-op)

Hawksbill Way (near London Road)

Welland Road with Birchtree Avenue

Westgate with Lincoln Road

Broadway (near Council Offices)

City Rd with Laxton Square x2

Paynels (near Virans)

Ortongate Shopping Centre

Park Road (in the roundabout)

The 20 e-bikes will be available to rent around the clock each day.

Voi e-bikes can be pedalled and are assisted by an electric motor up to 15.5 mph. When fully charged, the e-bikes can travel up to 31 miles.

Staff from Voi will ensure the bikes always remain powered up and the batteries will be swapped out by the Voi teams overnight.

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To ride an e-bike, users need to be 18 years old and over, are required to download the Voi app, available for free on Apple App Store or Google Play, and will have to present at least a provisional license.

It costs £1 to unlock the e-bike and then £0.15 per minute of usage. Voi also offers 24-hour (at £10) and 30-day (at £40) subscriptions that allow users to take an unlimited number of rides at a fixed rate. In addition, there are discounts for students and those on a low income.

Voi e-bikes use geofencing to ensure no ride, slow ride and no parking zones are observed, and they will be fitted with number plates to make it easy to identify and report.

As part of its Voi 4 Heroes initiative, Voi is offering NHS and Emergency Service Workers free access to e scooters and e bikes during the lockdown, so it is easier for them to move around town in a socially distanced manner. To be eligible, users must upload their NHS identity, Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service to the Voi app or website.

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The scheme has been launched by the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority.

Mayor James Palmer said: “There’s no doubt the coming weeks are going to be challenging for key workers and I’m pleased to be able to offer a free public transport option to help doctors, nurses, Emergency Service workers and other critical staff get to and from work safely.

“I am proud of the part we have played to quickly bring forward these innovative schemes, delivering for local residents without compromising on safety.

“It is a clear demonstration of our commitment to new public transport options that are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.”

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Richard Corbett, Regional General Manager of UK, Ireland and Benelux for Voi, said: “Micro-mobility has proven to be a critical lifeline during the pandemic.

“E-bikes are a perfect complement to our shared e-scooters hire scheme, offering key workers two safe ways to commute in a socially distanced way.”

Mr Corbett said the e-bikes will be cleaned and disinfected every 24 hours to ensure that they cannot become a source of infection.

n addition, Voi e-bikes are fitted with copper tape that inactivates and minimises the transmission of coronavirus.

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Voi also provides COVID-19 advice and information via the app and encourages its users to use hand sanitiser and wear gloves.

The same traffic rules that apply to bicycles and e-scooters also apply to e-bikes.

For the launch of our new e-bikes, Voi worked with VIAS research institute and developed eight points for safe riding and which are based on UK traffic rules, signs, signals and general safety precautions.

They are:

Use dedicated cycling infrastructure

Watch out for pedestrians

Signal to other road users

Ride on the left side of the road or cycle lane

Obey all traffic signs and traffic light signals

Do not drink and ride

Pay attention and adapt your riding to your surroundings

Keep your distance and stay alert

Voi also advises e-bike riders to wear a helmet when riding a bike, so they stay safe.