Commended for saving the life of a vulnerable man.
Commended for saving the life of a vulnerable man.

Eight Peterborough Police officers commended for acts of bravery and heroism at awards ceremony

Eight Peterborough Police officers received awards for going above and beyond at The Chief Superintendent’s Commendations Ceremony yesterday afternoon (June 23).

Friday, 25th June 2021, 4:55 am

Dealing with an attempted murder, convicting a prolific sex offender and saving the life of a vulnerable person were just some of the acts praised at the force ceremony.

In a socially distanced gathering at police headquarters in Huntingdon, Chief Superintendents Jon Hutchinson and Mark Greenhalgh praised officers, staff and members of the public who had excelled or shown acts of bravery.

Mr Hutchinson said: “It’s been an extremely challenging few months, not only for the public but also for officers policing the pandemic. After such testing times it’s perhaps more important than ever that we celebrate the great work you do on a daily basis, the achievements you have accomplished and the dedication you have shown to keeping people safe.

“These presentations are about celebrating the loyalty and dedication you have given to the organisation. Going that extra mile is something I, and indeed you, should be enormously proud of.

“I am always amazed by the stories of outstanding bravery, compassion and kindness towards those in need, how you put your own lives at risk and how you have gone above and beyond for the people of Cambridgeshire – so to each and every one of you, I say thank you.”

Among the officers commended were:

Bringing a serious sex offender to justice

Detective Constable (DC) Jim Huddlestone was commended for his efforts on an investigation which resulted in an 11-year prison sentence for a serious sex offender.

The serious sexual offences first came to light in September last year.

DC Huddlestone was part of a team that worked tirelessly during extended tours of duty to secure charges against the suspect and then guilty pleas in December. As well as the prison sentence, a Sexual Harm Prevention Order was also imposed.

DC Huddlestone joined the CAISU in November 2019 and this was his first case to go to crown court. He was able to ensure a quality case file was produced for the prosecution, which resulted in the guilty pleas.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Nicola Pope, said: “I understood that you hadn’t any experience in dealing with custody/under 10 protocol cases and you did a brilliant job. Thank you once again your hard work and prompt responses to requests from myself and counsel, which helped get a relatively quick resolution to this horrible case for the complainant and her family.”

Saving the life of a vulnerable man

PCs Tom Dodge, Dave Stevens and Paul Jeyes and Police Sergeant (PS) Andy Watson showed courage and compassion to help save the life of a man threatening to jump from a bridge in Peterborough. They willingly and bravely put themselves in danger to save this man’s life and potentially other members of the public.

When PCs Stevens, Jeyes and Dodge arrived at the bridge in Eye Road, over the A1139, they saw members of the public holding on to the man who was the wrong side of the railings.

PC Stevens took over from the members of the public and held the man while PC Dodge leaned over the safety barrier, held by PC Jeyes, to speak to him.

PC Dodge eventually convinced him to come back over the railings and all the officers, now including Sergeant Andy Watson who had climbed over the railings, helped lift him over.

PC Stevens continued to calm the man down while PC Jeyes managed the scene, asking PCSOs to close the road as the man was displaying unpredictable behaviour.

Saving a road traffic collision victim

Detective Inspector (DI) Tom Rowe carried out critical actions as first at the scene of a serious crash while off shift and on his way home from work.

He had finished late at the end of a long and arduous week in October last year and was driving along the A15 in Peterborough when he noticed a car in a ditch beside the opposite carriageway.

He turned around at the next roundabout, took charge of the scene and began searching for the driver. The vehicle was now on fire and after finding the driver, DI Rowe dragged him to a place of safety.

Having completed first aid checks, he went on to co-ordinate the multi-agency response, ensure the road was closed, take witness details, scene photos and complete an MG11 that evening. He also offered to be contacted the following week, when he was on annual leave, if any further information was required.

The casualty was seriously injured but still alive, thanks to DI Rowe’s swift actions, putting him in the recovery position and away from danger. He was transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital where he remained in a critical condition for some time.

DI Rowe is a diligent and motivated leader who is commended for his actions during this incident and his commitment to the values of the organisation.

Also commended were DC John Bimson, from the Rape Investigation Team (RIT), for going above and beyond to ensure a rape suspect was charged and then kept on remand before his conviction, resulting in an eight-year prison sentence.

Sergeant Chris Cawdery, from the response team, was commended for his swift actions to ensure PC Leo Clarke, who had been assaulted, received life-saving treatment at hospital.

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