Deepings Raft Race 2024 theme revealed

Organisers encouraging participants to ‘unleash their imaginations’ and embrace this year’s theme with gusto

The advent of June heralds the arrival of some highly anticipated summer events: Wimbledon, Glastonbury, the Euros, the Olympics!

In our neck of the woods however, there is one event which trumps all others in terms of popularity and anticipation - the legendary Deepings Raft Race!

One of the de facto highlights of the summer calendar, this year’s event will be taking place on Sunday August 4.

Famed for its carnival atmosphere, community spirit and, of course, its frantic and often chaotic action, the Deepings Raft Race is, for many, the high point of the entire summer.

Along with the day itself, much of the joy of the event comes from designing and building the iconic rafts. With few restrictions (in creative terms, at least) rafters are encouraged to ‘unleash their imaginations’ and embrace the year’s theme with gusto.

So what is this year’s theme?

Well, after much pondering and debate, race organisers have decided this year’s theme will be… kids TV shows!

Though by no means compulsory, all participants will be actively encouraged to design, build and crew their vessels in the style of their favourite kids TV shows, be it a current series or a classic programme from back in the day.

Organisers are hoping rafters will, by the time August comes around, have built a ‘floating tribute to the colourful characters and memorable moments that have shaped childhoods for generations.’

“We encourage everyone to join us on August 4 for what promises to be an incredible day on the water," said Kevin Barber, chairman of the Deepings Raft Race Committee.

"We're thrilled to once again hold the Deepings Raft Race."

Now in its 51st year, the race is known not just for being a fun community day of mayhem and madness, but also for raising astonishing sums of money for good causes based in our region.

Indeed, the annual fixture has raised many thousands of pounds for various local charities over the years.

This year, the event will be raising funds for Little Miracles, the Deepings Community Leisure Centre Project and Deepings Community Library.Applications for raft teams are now open. Visit or head over to to find out more.

If you can’t wait for August to get your fix of madness and mayhem then check out our gallery of last year’s fun-filled event to ‘wet’ your appetite...