‘Cat house’ being built outside the entrance of Tesco in Werrington for Frank 'the Tesco Cat’

‘Cat house’ being built for much loved supermarket regular Frank - Peterborough’s ‘Tesco Cat’

The Peterborough cat - whose favourite place is Tesco in Werrington - went missing recently before being tracked down and brought home six weeks later.

By Adam Barker
Friday, 15th April 2022, 5:00 am

A cat in Peterborough - who spends most of his time at Tesco in Werrington - is having a ‘cat house’ built for him outside the entrance to the supermarket.

Frank - who is known as ‘Frank the Tesco Cat’ by shoppers at the store - is a three-year-old cat whose favourite place is Tesco on Staniland Way.

He is a regular visitor to the supermarket and is ‘much loved’ by shoppers at the store.

Frank’s owner, Kyle Orange, 33, said the cat went missing in November last year for six weeks before he was found in a back garden.

“Everyone loves him,” Kyle said. “Everyone in Werrington knows him.

“He would follow us when we take our son Korban (7) to school at the William Law School. He would follow us back past the shop - but people started giving him treats and that’s when he started to stay there.

“He went missing for six weeks but because he’s quite well known the second his picture got put on Facebook we had about a thousand messages in ten minutes.”

Kyle was told that Frank was in someone's back garden. He retrieved Frank - who had not been fed properly for six weeks and was underweight and covered in ticks and fleas.

“We had people come up to us offering us money to pay for the vet costs,” he said. “People bought him treats and one woman left a bag of food and treats at Tesco for him.

“I kept him in for as long as I could when we got him back, but after a week he was straight back to Tesco.

“He would rather sit outside the front of Tesco than at home. Sometimes, once I’ve put Korban to bed, I’ll go for a walk to the shop - not to go to the shop, but just to get Frank.”

Frank’s ‘cat home’ has been built by a local carpenter and will be unveiled outside the entrance to the Werrington Tesco superstore this Saturday (April 16).

“Frank’s part of the furniture - he’s forever coming into the store,” George Pell, 28, team manager at Tesco, said.

“We used to think he was homeless. He’s got braver over time and it’s only recently this year that he’s started venturing into the shop.

“When he went missing everyone was asking for him. There were wanted posters all over Werrington and everyone was out looking for the cat - to the point where it came up at work.

“The community has got together and built him a cat home designed like Tesco. The store manager has approved for it to go outside of the shop.”

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