Brave Peterborough youngster takes on sit up challenge in memory of his dad

A brave youngster is taking on a gruelling challenge to raise money in honour of his dad who died of cancer. Alfie Harley is doing an impressive 100 sits ups every day for a month.

By Rosie Boon
Sunday, 17th October 2021, 12:17 pm
Dedicated to his challenge, Alfie is determined to complete 100 sit ups everyday this month.
Dedicated to his challenge, Alfie is determined to complete 100 sit ups everyday this month.

Unable to complete a single sit-up before the ‘sit up for cancer’ challenge, Alfie who attends Stanground Academy, paced himself with 25 sit ups in four sessions to reach his 100 target each time. Now the Park Farm Pumas player is smashing 100 in one hit and going round businesses in Peterborough doing his sit ups outside them.

Alfie was only 6-years-old when his loving dad, Jason Harley passed away from Cancer aged 42.

With the support of his family and friends, Alfie started his fundraiser at the beginning of October and hoped he would raise a few hundred pounds and has raised over £1,000 in only 11 days. Alfie has received sponsorship from dozens of businesses across the city.

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Alfie pictured with his dad Jason

A lifelong Tottenham Hotspurs fan like his dad, Alfie could never have imagined to have support pledged by one of his heroes Teddy Sherringham and the team. Teddy Sherringham sent Alfie a video wishing him luck and Tottenham Hotspurs have said Alfie can finish his 100 sit ups at the stadium.

Alfie said: “I lost my dad to Cancer, five years ago and it’s only now I’m old enough to raise money for Cancer Research I hope I can change other children’s lives with the help of those who donate. My dad found out he had cancer too late for any treatment to be offered. I want to raise awareness for people to go to the doctors straight away, rather than wait and lose a loved one. I know not everyone can afford to donate so even support is appreciated. Cancer ruins many lives, I want to change that and make it a positive for my dad and I know he would be proud of me.”

Proud mum, Abbey Gordon, who lives in Cardea said: “I knew he wanted to fundraise but I didn’t think it would go this far. He started off in his room and now I’m travelling around Peterborough visiting all the companies in support of him which I’m amazed at the support from everyone. He cried when he realised Tottenham and Teddy Sherringham offered support. I’m so proud of him. 
“He’s turned his loss into a positive, while getting fit which is a personal challenge for him. I’m amazed at the support from everyone. I assumed we would just get the grandparents involved but it’s gone bigger than I ever thought. It’s been really surreal for both of us but he genuinely loves doing it. He asks everyday ‘where are we off to’ and is so grateful at Tottenham being involved. It’s a kid’s dream come true.”

Alfie even wanted to sponsor himself with his birthday money but doting mum Abbey assured him what he was doing was enough.

Alfie pictured with his dad Jason

To donate to Alfie’s challenge go to:

Proud mum, Abbey Gordon is so pleased at her son's efforts.
Little sister Nelly (5) has supported Alfie all the way.
Year 7 Student at Stanground Academy, Alfie has made his friends proud.