Scores of police vans were arrived in Wyton. Photo credit: Dyslexic PC.

Beagle protestors criticise level of Police response as scores of vans escort animals out of Cambridgeshire plant

Free the Beagle protestors have criticised the level of police response after scores of vans arrived to help transport dogs from a Cambridgeshire breeding site.

Saturday, 14th August 2021, 4:57 am

On Tuesday (August 10), protestors claim that up to 100 officers and at least 30 police vehicles attended protests at MBR Acres in Wyton and helped to escort two vans of beagles out of the site.

For over a month, protestors have set up ‘Camp Beagle’ outside the breeding site owned by Marshall BioResources. Inside, beagles are bred to be then be sent out and used in medical research, a practice protestors are trying to stop.

Earlier this month (August 1), the Peterborough Telegraph reported on a rally held at the site, which required the presence of hundreds of Cambridgeshire Police’s officers.

On Tuesday, protestors were once again out in force, with some even lying down in the road to stop vans leading the site.

Incredible photos posted online show dozens of Police vans drafted in to eventually allow the two vans containing a number of dogs to leave the site.

Protestors have criticised the plant for its actions but also the Police for their level of response. Concerns have also been raised among residents across the county, including Peterborough, about the number of officers being sent to police these demonstrations and the knock-on effect this could be having on the police’s ability to respond to other crimes.

A spokesperson for Free The MBR Beagles said: “American owned puppy mill, MBR Acres, on Tuesday, were able to call on the services of over 100 police officers and at least 30 police vehicles, simply to allow them to dispatch two vans of puppies to their deaths in testing laboratories.

“What other legitimate business would be able to call on the might of the state in this way simply to get past a small number of protestors outside their razor wire topped fences?

“No other industry can summon a private army to help them carry out their trade, you don’t see 100 police officers escorting a supermarket lorry past roadworks, or 30 blue light equipped vans hurrying an amazon lorry to its destination.

“Animal testing is protected by the state. In order to end this, change must come from the top. We demand that our government and MPs listen to the people and make animal testing a shameful part of our past, not a horrifying vision of our future.”

This Sunday (August 15), another demonstration is planned at the site from 8am, as well as simultaneously at MBR’s sister site in Hull, with another large police presence expected at the site once again.

Speaking about the protests on Tuesday, a spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said: “We have provided a proportionate policing response, balancing the right to protest with the right of staff at the site to go about their lawful work. A temporary road closure was put in place for this purpose.”


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