10 cats close to Peterborough that are in need of a loving home

Here are ten cats nearby to Peterborough which are looking for their forever home.

Sunday, 17th October 2021, 8:00 am
This little darling is Mo. She came into us requiring some veterinary treatment and needing some much needed TLC after being quite matted. She is now looking for her forever home where she can settle and have lots of afternoon naps in the sun. Mo is initially a very worried girl, but once you have spend some time with her, reassuring her, giving her a fuss and a stroke she has a lot of love to give! She is a very sweet girl and will take treats from your hand. Mo requires an adult only home with no other animals. Due to her shy nature we think that a nice quiet home on her own would be best suited where she can have all of the attention and dreamies to herself. Mo will just need that little bit of extra time to settle into her new home. Once you give her the time and patience that she needs, she will be a very loving member of the family. Mo has got a low grade Heart Murmur so potential adopters will need to speak to the vet regarding this.

The Peterborough Telegraph is running regular spotlights on cats that need new homes to support the work of animal charities in the Peterborough area.

The Peterborough and District Branch of the RSPCA do so much to rescue, nurture and subsequently rehome all kinds of pets in the area. They have continued to operate throughout lockdown and within a small radius are still permitted to rehome these animals.

Below are a selection of those that have been rescued and are in desperate need of their forever home.

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Cocoa is a lovely affectionate boy. He came in with some other cats and he gets on with other cats. He could live with older children, but he would also be happy in a new home with one or two adults. He is used to living with cats but not with dogs. Cocoa is very sweet and will make a lovely pet.

To find out more details on each cat and to search for more rescue animals, visit www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/rehomeapet/process.

If you are interested in rehoming one of these gorgeous cats, fill in the application form which can be found here. The RSPCA are funded entirely by public donations and receive no government money and therefore rely on the generosity of the public. Anyone wishing to support their work do so via www.rspca.org.uk/getinvolved/donate.

I'm Carson and I was born at Block Fen. During my time here I have been a little poorly with cat flu but now I am much better and ready to find a new home. I can be a little bit shy at first around people but am much more confident when we are together so we are hoping that we can be rehomed with our siblings: Evie and Violet. When we are awake we are very active and love to play so having some human play friends who are used to animals would be great. We would need a room where we can live and play safely , but have quiet when we need to get our rest that we need to help us grow. Beacuse we have has cat flu we are unable to live with any pre -existing cats but could potentially live with a calm dog that has been used to cats.
Fluffy arrived at the centre after a welfare concern. Now that she has had time to settle in and get to know us, she is ready for her forever home. Fluffy can be shy when she meets new people so will need someone who is willing to help grow a bond with her. Ontop of this she does get startled by loud, sudden noise/movement. When Fluffy gets to know you she does enjoy a fuss on the head. As Fluffy does have a long coat she will require regular grooming to help prevent matts. We are looking for Fluffy to go to a quiet home with no other animals. She definitely has a very sweet and kind nature to her and would make a great fit for a family.
This lovely young man was transferred to us from another centre where he had been taken after being found straying. Ginger on arrival he was found to be suffering from cat flu and did not like being handled very much. He is now feeling much better and is more confident with people and enjoys a stroke and affection, although he can still be a little scared when he has his vet checks. Ginger will need to be the only cat in the house because of suffering from cat flu, he will need to be able to go outside and explore once he is allowed. He will also need somewhere quiet where he can settle when he first gets home and where he can then go when he needs some time to himself.
We are looking for an adult-only home for this beautiful boy. He has been with us for nearly a year now because of the limitations of the pandemic. He came in having had a traffic accident which needed veterinary care and an initial stay with the vets. He has a grade 2/3 heart murmur. But he is a lovely boy, he is very active and he likes to play. He has quite a strong personality and quite likes to do his own thing. But he is affectionate and he will be a loving pet. He enjoys being in the secure garden at the cattery and when he has settled into his new home he will like to go out into a garden.
This lovely boy was brought to the centre by an inspector as an injured stray. When Mischief arrived he was in a sorry state and his eyes were very sore and irritating him, he has been seen and operated on by our vet and is now feeling much better and is ready to find his forever home. He has settled well into the cattery and likes a fuss on his terms and loves his dreamies. He prefers to sit on his chair outside, so he will need to be able to go out and explore at his new home once he is settled.
Roger arrived at the centre after living in a multi-cat home. He is now lookking to spend the remainder of his life as an only cat. Roger is a sweet older gentleman and is more than happy to have a fuss and then watch the world go by. He enjoys sleeping and observing everything that is going on around him and he especially likes a tasty treat from your hand. Although he generally has a nice nature, Roger can sometimes be a little grumpy and may need some space if things get a little too much for him. Any potential adopters will need to be mindful of this and be understanding when he has had enough. We feel that Roger would prefer to be an only pet where he can have all the attention (or not) to himself, and he would benefit from a quieter home so he can settle in at his own pace.
This is RooBear. She has been brought into RSPCA care after being abandoned by her previous owner. She was in need of some surgery which has now been carried out so RooBear can finally start looking for a new home. RooBear is a sweet girl and does love a fuss, however she will also let you know when she has had enough. Due to her older years, this cheeky girl can be a little stroppy but it all just adds to her character. We feel that RooBear would be best suited to a quieter household where she can have the time and space to settle in and explore her new environment at her own pace. Any potential adopters would need to be understanding of her quirks and allow her to have her own space if she decides she's had enough.
This sweet girl is Sunshine. She arrived in our care after coming from another branch for this reason we do not have too much history on her however, after spending some time here at the centre getting to know her, she is now ready to find her forever home. Sunshine is a very sweet but nervous girl. She tends to spend the majority of her time outside asleep under her chair in her bed. She will allow you to stroke her on the head and does become very affectionate when she is comfortable being with you. But when she does get startled she will react with a swipe. We are looking for owners who are experienced with nervous cats, just so we can ensure that she has a family that will give her the time and patience she needs to flourish into the beautiful and sweet girl that she is. For now we feel that it would be for Sunshine's best interest to be the only pet in the home, however she could potentially live with older children that have experience with nervous cats.