ELECTION LETTER: Vote independent for ‘real change’ at Peterborough City Council

Dear Fellow Resident(s),

Wednesday, 5th May 2021, 4:00 pm
Local elections are taking place EMN-210429-131000001

As your local candidate, like you I live here and use the local shops and services. Over the past 10 years I have volunteered for various community groups and charities. Many of you will know me from my work managing the Olive Branch Community Garden on Olive Road, Dogsthorpe with my partner, Tessa, where so many of us have enjoyed the fantastic spirit and brilliant community events.

Locally, we have seen our local independent Liberal Party Councillors all move on after many years of independent service to our community. I’ve had the pleasure to see up close their impact over the years.

First with Adrian Miners and Chris Ash at the Olive Branch Community Garden, and later with Bella Saltmarsh, who I worked closely with after she successfully nominated me for Vice-Chair of The Dogsthorpe and Welland Neighbourhood Partnership, which I was involved with from 2017. Outgoing Councillor, Chris Ash has very kindly shared his insight to make sure when you elect me we can hit the ground running, and I have received these lovely messages of support I can share with you.

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“It’s a pity we never got you to stand under the Liberal banner in past elections, but I am pleased you have decided to put your name forward again to give Dogsthorpe a true independent voice,” - Cllr Chris Ash (Dogsthorpe). Elected by Dogsthorpe 7 times from 1986 – present

“I am pleased to support a local resident to be a local councillor for Dogsthorpe Ward, free of political control. A local councillor must always put the interests of residents first, not that of a party agenda” Adrian James Miners. Former Dogsthorpe Councillor. Elected by Dogsthorpe 9 times serving from 1980-2016.

The challenges we’ve all faced this past year have really highlighted the need to do things differently and better, and we can, together. Across Dogsthorpe many Liberal voters, Green voters and former Conservative and Labour voters want to see real change and are backing me as an independent voice because they’ve seen it is communities sticking together that achieve great things, not politicians and their divisive party agendas.

I will proactively respond to local challenges by collaborating with local people and organisations to:

. Improve communication between the community, council and other partners.

. Help residents who are living with social isolation and/or mental health conditions.

. Respond to local child poverty (39.6% of children in our neighbourhood, March 2020).

. Deliver inter-generational activities across the community to build cohesion.

. Establish a youth group to tackle the lack of opportunities for our young people.

. Map our assets and engage with you to put them to best use.

. Tackle disruptive parking and identify better parking solutions.

This year you have a chance to vote for me and a re-balancing of our city council administration. Please vote for real change as we need our council to be more democratic and fair.

When you receive your postal vote ballot paper, you will need to vote, sign, seal and post these back as soon as possible. Your postal vote needs to be with the local authority by 10pm on May 6th to be counted. Thank you.

Colin Hargreaves, independent candidate for Dogsthorpe.