LETTER: Post-EU referendum will be very interesting after over-aggressive campaign

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EU flag PNL-140404-113516001
For the last few months we have been bombarded by opinions from both sides of the EU referendum debate, much of which had been over-aggressive, acerbic and vitriolic and that was before the dreadful murder of Jo Cox MP.

On 23 June voters will decide the outcome and, on 24 June when the result is known, a further test will arrive. Will supporters of the losing side be able to accept the result and get back to their daytime jobs, in the government’s case running the country?

I fear that the confrontational style of campaigning that we have been subjected to may not be conducive to a summer of sweetness and light post EU referendum. Surely a key indicator of any honourable representative should be to embrace the result and get on with the business of accepting the wishes of the people. Let’s hope that politicians on either side of the argument can do just that.

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The next few post-EU referendum weeks will be very interesting, depending on your point of view. We will now be able to turn our backs on the whole thing, throw up our hands in even more frustration, put on our crash hats and flak jackets or, rather like Euro 2016, pull up a chair, open a can and watch the drama unfold. What is almost certain is that the national political landscape in December 2016 will be significantly different to that of June.

Yours sincerely,

Toby Wood

Newark Avenue



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