Letter: Homeless tents near offices shame council

I have attached a picture which I believe shows Peterborough and its council for what it has become - an uncaring, heartless, money driven mess. A picture tells a thousand words!

Saturday, 28th September 2019, 7:00 am
The tents on the embankment

Our council seems to be unable to identify issues that are staring them straight in the face. In this case, directly opposite its offices is a row of tents pitched up. I cannot believe the hundreds of council workers that look out of the windows every day must simply ignore what they see. Perhaps they turn a blind eye, choose not to look, or simply don’t care about homelessness?

It’s utterly appalling that our council workers see this every day when sat in a comfortable office with safety and security, and do nothing. Those tents have been there months. I cannot believe that there is nothing our council can do, I find that impossible to believe.

Have our council workers become so polluted and infected by money, budgets and austerity, that they are now simply ignoring the issues that they see every day?

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Is this the type of society Peterborough City Council wants to mould? Or are they simply blind to what’s staring them in the face?

I do hope that these people in the tents can be helped. It’s not safe to be in an area at night like the Embankment.

I am ashamed of the city and the council workers that allow this issue to happen. They simply say oh, it’s a countrywide issue. Why not find a solution and HELP these people. They are humans not statistics.

Graham, by email