Large fly-tip spotted near Household Recycling Centre

Fly-tipping in Dogsthorpe. Pic: @EyePeterboroughFly-tipping in Dogsthorpe. Pic: @EyePeterborough
Fly-tipping in Dogsthorpe. Pic: @EyePeterborough
Fly-tipping is a huge issue in Peterborough, so much so that a designated Grot Spot hotline is being introduced.

But the dumped rubbish spotted by the Household Recycling Centre in Dogsthorpe is one of the worst examples of fly-tipping seen in the city recently.

Twitter user The Eye Spy tweeted out a picture bemoaning the scene and he follows a number of Peterborough Telegraph readers to send in photos of fly-tips over the last few months.

Currently, it costs taxpayers in Peterborough £250,000 a year to clear up fly-tipping.