Green Party submitted incorrect expenses at Peterborough by-election

The Green Party has admitted it failed to correctly fill in its expenses following the by-election in Peterborough in June.

Green Party candidate Joseph Wells
Green Party candidate Joseph Wells

The expenses returned for the party’s candidate Joseph Wells (pictured) to the returning officer only noted one expenditure of £10, which was for Facebook advertising.

However, this failed to include the appearance of former party leader Natalie Bennett who visited the city on May 31 and spoke to the Peterborough Telegraph outside the council’s offices at Fletton Quays.

The PT contacted the Peterborough Green Party after noticing there was no transport cost recorded for Ms Bennett’s visit.

Green Party candidate Joseph Wells

It also asked why the party had spent so little on the campaign, when others had spent tens of thousands of pounds.

A party spokeswoman said: “Our by-election campaign ran on an exceptionally tight budget.”

She added: “Natalie broke her journey home to stop off at Peterborough.

“We didn’t know at the time that an additional cost of £15 was incurred to do this, but since we do now the sum will be added retrospectively to Joseph’s expenses.”

Mr Wells came fifth at the by-election.

The election expenses submitted to the returning office also stated that the Monster Raving Loony Party spent £0 fighting the seat.

Candidate Alan Hope received 112 votes, enough for him to have come 10th out of 15.