Further heavy rain on the way as Lincolnshire fire crews deal with over 20 reports of flash flooding

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue dealt with over 20 instances of flash flooding in the county last night - and more heavy rain is forecast.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 1:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 2:22 pm
Lincs fire and rescue tackle flash flooding

The Met office has extended its yellow weather warning for heavy rain until Friday.

It’s chief forecaster said: “Rising temperatures will trigger slow-moving heavy showers and thunderstorms. Once again, 15-25mm are likely to fall within an hour in scattered locations, with the risk of more than 30mm, bringing the risk of flooding, especially if across urban areas.”

Attending 21 incidents in Bourne, Haconby, Deeping St Nicholas and Woolsthorpe by Belvoir, including two flooded homes and over ten instances of flooded roads and gardens, crews from across Lincolnshire were on hand yesterday, Tuesday June 14, to pump out water and give advice on dealing with flood water.

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Met Office extend yellow weater warning for rain.

Spencer Creek, technical response manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue said: “As we’ve seen flooding is unpredictable and doesn’t always happen when you are at home or even when you’re awake, it’s important you follow a few simple steps to be prepared and to keep you safe.

“Talk to your family or employees about where you will go if your house or business is affected by flooding and how to contact each other in an emergency.

“Make a list of all your important contacts and keep it handy. Put them into your phone and include contacts for your insurance company.

“When driving never drive into flood water however shallow it might seem – the water can hide dangers like debris and blown manhole covers and can rise quickly, stalling your engine and trapping you in fast flowing flood waters. It is better to take another route or wait until it recedes rather than risk your life and have your vehicle written off by being flooded.”

Lincs fire and rescue tackle flash flooding

The Lincolnshire Resilience Forum offers the following advice on how you can protect your home:

* Check your insurance cover for flooding and have a copy either to hand or somewhere safe away from home;

* Does your policy replace new items for old ones? Is there a limit of the cost of repairs?

* Locate your gas, electricity and water mains supplies and ensure everyone in your household knows how to turn these off;

Met Office extend yellow weater warning for rain.

* Reduce the risk of water getting into your property by getting bungs for downstairs toilets and special fittings to close up airbricks to prevent water coming in;

* Move treasured processions like photo albums, family films and family heirlooms upstairs, if possible, or on a shelf higher than 1.5m from the ground;

* Where possible raise electrical equipment off the ground and fix to the wall – TV stands etc may float or be swept away;

* Think about how to protect your pets, vehicles, garden equipment and contents.

Lincs fire and rescue tackle flash flooding