Vandals throw bins into Peterborough lake

Fears have been raised that two public bins could be removed permanently after vandals threw them into a Peterborough lake.

By Ben Jones
Thursday, 3rd February 2022, 4:57 am
Updated Thursday, 3rd February 2022, 7:08 am

The bins were thrown into the lake at Cuckoos Hollow in Werrington late on Monday (January 31) night.

The bins were removed from nearby in the nature reserve but recovered by Cllr John Fox and Cllr Sandra Bond, Werrington and Gunthorpe ward councillors respectively.

They were then placed back in their rightful positions and are now in working order.

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Two bins were thrown into the lake at Cuckoos Hollow.

Cllr Fox has expressed his frustration at the vandalism though and raised fears that they could be lost permanently if another incident like this was to take place.

He said: “Why is this happening?

“Late last night I was alerted to the fact that two bins near the underpass had been thrown into the lake.

“I attended the area and found that the one at the back of Welborne near the underpass had been removed and thrown in the lake, which I recovered.

Two bins were thrown into the lake at Cuckoos Hollow.

“I was then joined by Sandra Bond who had also been alerted and we investigated the area and we found the other bin, which had been taken from the area near the seat overlooking the lake, which she kindly helped me to remove. Both bins have now been put back in position and are in working order.

“The sad reality of all this is that if these bins are not replaceable or lost, then they may not be replaced and could be permanently removed. Words fail me why people think this is acceptable behaviour.”

One of the two bins that was vandalised at Cuckoos Hollow.