Orphaned seal pup 'Primrose' spotted in Peterborough washlands

Primrose was released into Stanground Wash after being taken to the RSPCA as an orphan.

The Peterborough Telegraph has been sent a number of excellent pictures showing the a seal that is currently making the Stanground Wash its home.

‘Primrose’ was spotted on Wednesday (February 7) this week by Benjamin Penton.

The RSPCA’s East Winch Wildlife Centre has confirmed that Primrose was taken to their centre from Heacham in Norfolk as an orphaned pup in June 2023 and, following four months of rehabilitation, was released in Norfolk in October 2023 before Primrose decided to make her way to Peterborough .

The spokesperson added: “It's not uncommon for seals to appear in rivers and waterways and when ready, they'll make their way back to the sea.”