New 5G mast to be installed in Peterborough despite residents’ objections

A new 5G mast is to be installed in Peterborough despite the objections of nearby residents.

Tuesday, 19th October 2021, 4:57 am
The proposed site of the mast on Reeves Way.

City planners have approval to the 15m high monopole, along with six antennas, two transmission dishes and four equipment cabinets, to be placed at the junction of Reeves Way and Norman Road close to the city centre.

The mast will provide new 5G coverage to the surrounding area and also improve 4G coverage and capacity and is being installed by for the Hutchinson 3G UK Limited (better known as 3) network.

The application states that “there are existing streetlights

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and road signs, along with trees, that will help the site to blend into the street scene at the proposed location.”

During the consultation phase, however, dozens of residents objected to the plans, citing the potential health risks, harm to the street scene and the effect on house prices.

One resident commented: “I am not happy to have a 15m pole with antennas five to ten metres next to my home. I am sure that there are plenty of empty spaces nearby. I don’t know what these antennas are but know for sure that radio waves are not good for human health and I have two small children living at my address.”

Another added: “I object as it is to be right across from my home and there are five schools in the near area. The school kids hang outside and use the shop. We also do not know the effects of 5G or any other radiating masts. There transmitters make me and my children feel ill.”

Another said: “I don’t want to see an eyesore in the area and also do not want house prices affected.”

The mast has been approved subject to a series of conditions, including that it is removed as soon as reasonably practicable after it is no longer required for electronic communication purposes and the land restored to its condition prior to the development and it is steel with a grey finish, as planned.