Violent inmate given 21 years after slashing fellow prisoner’s throat

A violent inmate who slashed a fellow prisoner’s throat has been given a 21 year prison sentence.

Friday, 21st May 2021, 4:06 pm

Kurt Nelson, 24, launched the “savage” attack on 29 April, 2019 in HMP Whitemoor near March, where he was a serving prisoner at the time.

Nelson, who was already serving an 11 year sentence after carrying out two stabbings in 2017, will have the 21 years added to his current sentence.

His victim was preoccupied using some weightlifting equipment in the gym. The pair were effectively neighbours in the prison and shared a kitchen, shower facilities, wing gym and communal social areas.

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Kurt Nelson
Kurt Nelson

The pair were both in the gym on the day but Nelson was seen loitering and watching the other man using various pieces of equipment.

At just after 4pm, the victim moved to use the gym’s weight bar close to the mirror. He used both his hands to lift the weight and had his back turned to Nelson.

It was at this point that Nelson walked across to the man, took hold of him by the neck and slit his throat.

The alarm was raised and Nelson, currently serving an 11-year sentence for two stabbings in Norwich back in 2017, then ran into an area with no CCTV coverage.

Prison officers followed him and saw him stood with his hand bleeding. No weapon was ever recovered and Nelson was taken to the segregation unit.

His victim was taken to hospital and his injuries included a 10cm long, 2mm deep cut to his left shoulder and a 15cm long, 4mm deep cut to the right side of his neck.

In police interview Nelson answered “no comment” to all questions asked of him.

He was charged with attempted murder but pleaded not guilty to the charge. However, after a three-day trial at Peterborough Crown Court in February, jurors took just over six hours to find him guilty.

Nelson, now at a different prison, was sentenced at the same court today (21 May) where he was handed a total of 21 years in prison. He must serve at least 14 years before being eligible for release.

DC Shelly Reeve, who investigated, said: “Nelson had already proved he was extremely dangerous when he was convicted of violent offences involving knives previously.

“He was sent to a category A prison, where the most serious offenders are kept, and as a result of his actions he will be staying behind bars for a considerably longer amount of time.

“This savage attack could have quite easily been fatal and I am pleased his time behind bars has been extended.”