Violent crime increases in Peterborough over lockdown

New figures have shown violent crime in Peterborough rose by 11 per cent during the first two lockdowns.

Friday, 14th May 2021, 11:13 am

There were 6,944 violent offences in the city in 2019 - but that increased to 7,728 in 2020.

However, overall crime fell over the year, from 22,080 to 20,484 - a drop of seven per cent.

The figures showing the number of recorded crimes in the city have been released by the Office for National Statistics, and show that there was a significant rise in stalking offences in Peterborough, as the number of offences rose from 1,405 to 2,050, an increase of 56 per cent.

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There was also an 11 per cent increase in the number of sexual offences - going from 628 to 696.

The number of domestic burglaries remained static, with just a one per cent drop from 792 to 787.

Robbery offences fell by a quarter, going from 375 to 282 - but drug offences increased by 20 per cent, going from 563 in 2019 to 674 in 2020.

Across Cambridgeshire as a whole, there has also been a seven per cent drop in crime over the last year, with a 14 per cent rise in violent crime, and a 49 per cent increase in stalking offences.

Robbery across the county fell by 27 per cent, there was no increase or decrease in sexual offences, while domestic burglaries fell by 29 per cent. Drug offences increased by 34 per cent.