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Special police volunteers celebrated after a weekend keeping roads safe

Volunteer police officers clocked up 155 hours of shifts and caught motorists committing dozens of road offences as part of national Specials Weekend.

Tuesday, 8th June 2021, 10:26 am

Cambridgeshire’s Special Constabulary was out in force at the weekend for the event that falls annually during national Volunteers’ Week.

The aim is to showcase the vital support Specials provide to regular officers and 17 Cambridgeshire Specials did just that by dedicating their spare time to targeting speeding and other traffic offences. The volunteers of the Community Speedwatch team also contributed 19 hours.

Specials covered Peterborough and surrounding areas, Alconbury, Ely, and Buckden, and found:

16 drivers speeding

Seven drivers and/or passengers not wearing a seatbelt

One driver using their mobile phone behind the wheel

Two drivers failing to stop at a red light

One person driving without due care and attention

One person driving without reasonable consideration to others

One uninsured driver

One person driving without a valid licence

Special Sergeant Mudie, who joined in with the weekend, said: “Specials Weekend is a great way to showcase the different ways our Specials dedicate their time to help keep Cambridgeshire safe. As a force, we have so many great volunteers who provide support to regular officers on a daily basis. Our Specials have continued to demonstrate amazing commitment and dedication especially during these challenging times, and they bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the force that make a big contribution to how we police and support people.”

“Specials Weekend gives us an opportunity to recognise and give thanks to our Specials for their on-going selfless contribution.”

Specials have all the powers of regular officers but their service is voluntary. It’s a great opportunity to give something back to your community while in return receiving professional training, skills and experience that can be used in everyday life and career progression.

If you’re interested in becoming a Special, you can find out more on the Cambridgeshire Constabulary website here.

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