Rape victim Em hopes song will help others

A drama student who was raped has released a song about her own horrific experience in the hope of helping others in a similar situation.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 19th February 2016, 4:30 pm
Emily Hoggett
Emily Hoggett

Emily Hoggett, 18, who comes from a village outside of Stamford, has struggled to come to terms with the assault which happened about two years ago while she was spending a weekend in London.

She confided in her mother and her boyfriend but never told anyone else, including the police, because she was struggling to accept what had happened.

Emily, known as Em, who is now studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, came home at Christmas to visit her family and when she returned to New York, she felt it was eating her up inside. It was her mum who suggested putting her feelings on paper and as a musician, a song came naturally.

Trained as a classical pianist, Emily both plays and sings in the song called What I Want To Say To You.

Em decided to waive her legal right to anonymity to encourage others to speak out about their own experiences.

Em said: “It got to the point that I was thinking about it all day every day, and dreaming about it every night. I had to do something.”

The haunting and emotional song includes the lyrics, ‘I woke up to your face and now I’m alone, lying in your bed with a memory that cannot be erased’.

Em said: “It came very easily; clearly the words were just waiting inside me. The song is quite explicit, and clearly not easy-listening, but this is very important – I don’t want to sugarcoat an horrific experience. People need to realise how awful rape is.”

Having written the song and also spoken to her father and sister, she decided to release it publicly.

Em said: “Putting the song out there for some reason makes me feel like it is further away from me. I also hoped it might help others in the same situation to make sense of how they’re feeling.”

She also believed that releasing the song would convince her the assault was real.

And so far, she has been amazed by the feedback her song has received. The post on Facebook has received hundreds of ‘likes’ and the song has been played more than 5,000 times.

Many people have contacted Em commenting on the bravery of posting a song with such personal lyrics.

Em said: “I ultimately want to get to a point in the world where coming out about being raped is no longer considered ‘brave’, it’s just the thing you do. This will only happen with acceptance and support from society.”

Strangers have been encouraged to open up about their own experiences, which Em said was ‘amazing’.

She said: “The fact that I’ve given people the ability to discuss their situation and receive support is genuinely incredible. Having had this feedback, I have realised we need to acknowledge that rape is a problem.

“I feel that with my story being out in the open, with the love and support of my friends and family, and with my ability to be able to channel this awful situation into art, I will be able to feel a lot better about my own experience.”

Em is keen for people to listen and share the song on social media to help others. Visit to listen to the song.