Peterborough residents angered by mystery late night honking sounds

Residents in Peterborough have been left angry and bemused after a series of random anti-social noise from a car horn late at night.

Tuesday, 1st June 2021, 6:20 am
Alexandra Road in Peterborough.

Over the past couple of months, residents in Alexandra Road, close to the city centre, have been kept awake at night by what appears to be a person driving down the road loudly honking the horn repeatedly.

It was first heard a couple of months ago but since then, has been happening sporadically with seemingly no pattern to the incidents.

The identity of the perpetrator, who has become known locally as the ‘Midnight Honker’ is unknown but has been heard more than ten times in the last few months.

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Residents report that it sounds as if the person drives down the road leaning on the horn. Sometimes it is just once but on other occasions, it has been heard as many as three times in the same night. The times have ranged from as early as 9pm to as late as 1am, both during the week and at the weekend.

One resident told the Peterborough Telegraph: “It is such a weird anti-social thing to do, we don’t know if it is targeted at a specific person or just supposed to be a general nuisance.

“It definitely wakes people up and makes it difficult to get to sleep but it happens so sporadically which makes doing something about it difficult as well.

“There is little point in phoning the Police because by the time they come it will have already stopped and the council noise complaints system says they don’t deal with noise made by cars .

“This is technically car noise but it is anti-social, however, you can put down when it happens and who is making it because we have no idea.”